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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F12 South Korea

The 36kV/2kA three-phase intersecting range high temperature wants to conduct pure electricity and conduct and run experiments(brown fused alumina); the auxiliary liquid can well cover the cathode surface of the T peak layer, reducing the chance of direct contact between the electrolyte and the cathode surface of the national body(white corundum sand). thus on the basis of the successful and rapid use of T-linkage extremely coating.

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It reduces the generation or dissolution of Al B, and reduces the chemical and electrochemical corrosion value of the carbon block(pink aluminum oxide). Compared with T-taoye composite materials and petrochemical carbon exchange, the T-cathode edge layer price device has bottomed out, which has a higher performance-price ratio(aluminum oxide abrasive). After urine, it enters the carbon block layer and is then exported horizontally by the steel row.(brown fused alumina mesh size F12 south korea)

It is possible to realize the slope type cathode(brown aluminum oxide), the so-called new type of long-life, low-energy-consumption diversion type wrong electrolytic fine, so that the button liquid is introduced into the tank and the wood cell, the cathode surface does not need to maintain a thick liquid, reducing or avoiding the flow of aluminum liquid(brown fused alumina powder), Because the surface can reduce the pole distance from 4 to 6 cm to 2 to 3 cm.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F12 south korea)There are reports on the popularization and application of T negative plate coating technology in Europe(aluminum oxide grit), America, Oceania and other countries, but the preparation method and main purpose are different. The test tank was cleaned and covered with a T cathode layer that was cured at room temperature(garnet sand). Analyze the molecular ratio of the test and contrast essences every day. After testing the plant automatically.

The pre-compounded T and other raw materials such as Tetrasporum cylindrica are mixed with the compound resin which is dissolved and excited(brown aluminium oxide). Stir with a zone mixer to make it completely uniform, or T, coating paste. The use of silicon carbide in aluminum electrolysis has an effect(alumina blasting). Then, while increasing the production capacity of the electrolyzer per unit area, the power consumption is reduced by about 10%.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F12 south korea)The pressure drop of the shield is measured with a millivoltmeter according to the conventional method, oxidation resistance, and four points are measured each time(green silicon carbide). The single-comb technology account is counted daily. The composite resin is dissolved at room temperature by using a mixed swimming agent(garnet abrasive). The test aluminum electrolytic cell was started up by the burnt start method of burnt wax.

Among them, silicon carbide products bonded with silicon nitride have the best overall performance(white aluminium oxide). Silicon carbide series refractories have the advantages of high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength at high temperatures, heat resistance, and good corrosion resistance(aluminium oxide powder). There is no abnormal phenomenon such as cracking or peeling of the coating, and the coating is well bonded to the base acid block.(brown fused alumina mesh size F12 south korea)

Because there are few other sugar granules added in the automatic process of olefin extraction(black silicon carbide), the automatic process is the same as the normal pyrogranule burning start process. So in this process, the content of Ti in the original fault of the Nacheng Tshan coating was removed and condensed(garnet suppliers), and the content of Ti in the original was analyzed with Baird DV-5 photoelectric direct reading optical language instrument.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F12 south korea)The figure shows the curve of electrolyte molecular ratio and time-hearing for more than 140 days after the start of the test charge and the comparison tank(black aluminum oxide). Use a mason knife to wipe off the dyed layer paste to dry and clear the electrode surface, the thickness is 1 ~ 3mm (artificial extension is not smeared). After being left at ambient temperature for 24 hours(white fused alumina powder), the reading layer was completely rounded.

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