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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F120 South Africa

About 90% of light trucks and long-distance buses have aluminum body(brown fused alumina). In transportation, each vehicle can weigh 1800 kg, so it can carry more passengers and goods. Because Napoleon III foresaw its potential application in light armour, the military application of aluminum was supported by the government(low soda alumina). This is the beginning of the industrial production of aluminum by electrolysis method.

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In the following years, the lowest power consumption was 12900kwh ~ 13200kwh / T-core(black corundum), and the anode effect rate was one order of magnitude lower than before. Since the invention of cryolite steel oxide molten salt electrolysis method in 1886, Hal built a factory in pinsbrgh to realize industrial production in November 1888(garnet abrasive price), and heroult built a factory in naulausn to produce caps in 1889.(brown fused alumina mesh size F120 south africa)

In our country, the outer surface of aluminum is protected by a very dense oxide film (alumina), so it is not corroded by acid, but can be dissolved by alkali(brown aluminum oxide). The use of aluminum alloy has become a revolutionary measure for short distance shipping. The ultra-thin aluminum box is used to preserve food and medicine(240 grit aluminum oxide). It can prevent the pollution of ultraviolet ray, smell and Sinan. It is very safe.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F120 south africa)The combination of aluminum and solar energy devices has become a new type of energy-saving materials for home, and also can maintain the environment(pink corundum), so it has been paid more and more attention. The following is a brief introduction according to different application fields, including transportation, packaging, construction, electrical appliances, medicine and so on(steel shot abrasive). Track and transit. 

In the mid-1980s, aluminum building parts could be recycled(brown aluminium oxide). The passenger compartments of internationally famous LRC express in Canada, TGV high-speed train in France and 700 series Shinkansen train in Japan are made of aluminum alloy. The most modern subway cars and most refrigerated cars are made of aluminum alloy(60 grit aluminum oxide). The high-speed plating boats with a speed of 35-50 are also made of aluminum alloy.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F120 south africa)In addition, half of the world's secondary food utensils are made of aluminum, and the heat efficiency of cooking is as high as 93%(green silicon carbide), while stainless steel and iron only account for one third of aluminum. Aluminum is widely used in food and beverage protection and storage. Information on various properties of aluminum is given in the appendix(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Due to the excellent properties of aluminum, it is widely used. 

The power consumption is reduced from 22000kwh to 15000kwh / T - A, and the current efficiency is gradually increased from 70 ~ 80% to 85 ~ 90%(white alumina). More and more aluminum alloy products are used in new buildings. Its lightness and strength have become the preferred materials for earthquake areas and super high-rise buildings(180 grit aluminum oxide). The corrosion resistance of aluminum means that it does not need to be repaired.(brown fused alumina mesh size F120 south africa)

Before the 1980s, the development of industrial aluminum electrolysis has gone through several important stages(black silicon carbide), and its landmark changes are as follows: the current intensity of electrolytic cell has increased from 2kA and Oka to 100kA to 15ka, and the cell type has changed from side insert type (and upper insert type) self compensating anode electrolytic cell to pre cultured anode electrolytic cell(white fused aluminium oxide). 

white aluminium oxide
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