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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F14 Factory Germany

Metal molds are used for small and medium castings with large batches and simple structures(brown fused alumina). The working dimension thickness of the metal mold is 0.6 to 0.8 times the wall thickness of the corresponding casting. Pouring position and parting surface selection(white fused aluminium oxide). High-manganese steel parts are difficult to process and are usually directly assembled and used. Select and adjust according to the actual production situation.

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The use surface and processing surface of the casting should be as close as possible to the lower mold or lower side elevation during pouring(white alumina). All or most of the important parts of the casting should be in the same semi-mold. The die surfaces are consistent and as flat as possible(60 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, in order to obtain castings that meet the dimensional deviation, it is an important issue to accurately control the shrinkage of the castings.(brown fused alumina mesh size F14 factory germany)

Deviations in casting size, flatness, and hole size deviations will affect assembly and even make castings scrapped(brown aluminium oxide). Selection of dimensional tolerances The outer assembly surface should be negative tolerance, and the inner assembly surface should be positive tolerance. The processed cast castings have special requirements(silicon carbide grit). If drilling or tapping is required, carbon steel mandrels of corresponding sizes can be precast to facilitate subsequent processing.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F14 factory germany)However, coatings made of alkaline or neutral refractory materials must be used(black corundum), because high manganese steel undergoes secondary oxidation after tapping, and there is more MnO on the surface of copper water, which is alkaline at high temperatures and is easily combined Quartz sand or coatings containing acidic refractory materials such as quartz powder react chemically(240 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, high manganese steel is not machined as much as possible.

Based on the empirical data summarized in the production practice of medium carbon steel [w(C)=0.2%~0.5%] and low alloy steel(garnet abrasive price), the relationship between wall thickness, casting size and casting shrinkage is obtained, which is used for high manganese steel At this time, the found casting shrinkage rate value should be multiplied by the correction factor(low soda alumina). Quartz sand is often used in the production of high-manganese steel steel parts.(brown fused alumina mesh size F14 factory germany)

Quartz sand is made of ordinary carbon steel casting molding materials(pink corundum). The shrinkage rate is high, otherwise the shrinkage rate is low; the larger the size of the casting, the greater the obstacles formed by the mold and the casting itself when shrinking, the lower the shrinkage rate, and the higher the shrinkage rate of small parts with simple shapes(steel shot abrasive). For this reason, the law of dimensional shrinkage must be studied and the necessary process parameters must be determined.

The casting shrinkage rate of high manganese steel castings under sand casting conditions is 2.6%~2.7%, but it varies with the size and wall thickness of the casting(brown aluminum oxide). Because of the low shrinkage resistance of water glass quick-drying sand, the linear shrinkage rate is 20% higher than the data specified in the figure(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). The inner diameter of the casting is often too large due to the sand core manufacturing process, so the linear shrinkage rate is less than that of the outer mold.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F14 factory germany)In order to ensure that the casting can be directly installed, the casting shape should adopt a negative tolerance, and the inner hole size should adopt a positive tolerance(glass beads manufacturers). After the casting material loses its strength after heating, the resistance to shrinkage of the casting will be reduced, and the casting has more room for shrinkage in the casting mold(glass bead abrasive). High manganese steel is easy to harden during the cutting process, which makes machining very difficult.

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