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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F150

The pre culture tank is sealed by the upper structure cover plate and several manually movable aluminum alloy tank covers around the tank, which are respectively composed of several large masks, corner masks and small masks(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). From the above analysis, we can see that the optimal anode steel claw structure and installation size are affected by many factors.

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For example, a gap with a width of LCM and a depth of 300 ~ 380cm is opened from the bottom palm of the anode(wholesale brown fused alumina). One narrow anode block and two wide anode blocks. When the electrolytic cell is opened for operation, the adjustable valve is opened to the maximum position, and the exhaust gas volume is 25 times that of normal(sandblasting sand), so that the flue gas tracing rate during operation is still guaranteed to reach 98%(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). 

In order to ensure that a large amount of flue gas does not escape during anode replacement and aluminum outlet opening, the control valve with adjustable flue gas flow is installed on the branch pipe(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). The anode bus is part of the superstructure(aluminium oxide blasting media). The rectified DC power is introduced into the electrolytic plant through the aluminum bus, and the cell and the measure are connected in series through the aluminum bus(sandblasting abrasive). 

It is conducive to mass and heat transfer in the plant, reduce the chance of "secondary reaction" between cathode aluminum liquid and anode gas, and improve the current efficiency(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The trench at the bottom of the anode not only promotes the release of anode gas to the outside, but also reduces the electrolyte flow rate, which is conducive to maintaining the uniformity and stability of the electrolyte flow field(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). 

Therefore(vietnam aluminum oxide), the electrolytic cell has anode bus, cathode bus, column bus and soft belt bus, and there are connecting buses between the cell and the trace, and between the plant and the plant(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). The cathode bus is arranged around or at the bottom of the chair. The large machined surface is changed from 520mm to 275mm, and the current efficiency reaches 93L when the rigid pole current density is q8cm(garnet abrasive suppliers). 

The flue gas generated by Xizi is collected into the smoke pipe from the gas collecting box under the upper structure, and then enters the main smoke pipe surface outside the wall to the purification system(aluminum oxide blasting media). Large capacity electrolytic cells adopt cast aluminum bus with large Si surface, and calendered aluminum plate welding is adopted only at the soft belt and a few special-shaped connections(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). 

The anode bus and the cathode bus are connected through connecting bus, column bus and soft bus(brown fused alumina mesh size F150), The electrolytic cells are connected in series one by one to form a series(white aluminum oxide blast media). In China, the voltage drop of bus is reduced and the cost is reduced(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Current efficiency This is to analyze the influence of the width of the anode machining surface and the gap between the anode on the current efficiency from another angle.

For the calculation of economic current density, in the design of large-scale electrolytic rough, the bus is not only regarded as the conductor of current, but also pay more attention to the influence of its olive field on the production process(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). For light steel explosive welding nuggets, the maximum working temperature should not exceed 400℃, otherwise the strength will be reduced sharply(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). 

In addition(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), the ferromagnet (especially the shell) will form a secondary magnetic field source, which is superimposed on the primary magnetic field and can cut or enhance the primary magnetic field(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). Moreover, these two magnetic fields have an important impact on the stability of the electrolytic cell(how to choose white fused alumina). This is because the existence of the through channel reduces the resistance of the fluid to flow around the pole.

The current density under this plane is called economic current density(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). Therefore, the current of the bus system and the current in the electrolytic cell will produce a strong magnetic field. The larger the size of the anode heat loss steel claw, the greater the anode heat dissipation caused by the steel claw(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). From the above analysis, it can be seen that the height of the most resident anode is affected by many factors(china brown fused alumina manufacturers).

At present(white fused alumina suppliers), the current density of steel claws in my country is generally selected according to Q.1/em, and the cross-section of steel claws is calculated according to the current intensity passed(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). Therefore, the cross-sectional area of the aluminum guide rod is determined according to the current load of each group of anodes, selected according to the economic current density, and generally selected according to 04/mm(aluminum oxide supplier).

The side of the pre-cultivation slot on the narrow processing surface (large surface processing surface width 250~300mm) adopts the heat type, and it is mandatory to form a protective cavity(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). And due to the good physical field design scheme, the groove ledge is relatively thin but stable it is good(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). Therefore, the interface tensile stress of explosive welding of steel should be greater than that of aluminum guide rod(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting).

In recent years, some foreign pre-cultivation tanks have adopted carbon anodes with well-grooved bottoms(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). Hubei Huasheng Aluminum Factory changed the 60KA self-melting tank series to 82kA pre-cultivation tank series(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). The simulation study shows that within the limited range of conditions, the diameter of the steel claw and the distance between the steel claws have little effect on the anode side current(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). 

From the perspective of regional current efficiency, the current efficiency of each area of the electrolytic cell is inconsistent due to differences in pole pitch, melt flow rate, and electrolyte temperature(black silicon carbide). The current efficiency of the area corresponding to the gap between the barriers is much lower than the current efficiency of the area directly below the projection surface of the rigid electrode(brown fused alumina mesh size F150).

The current efficiency is about 1.39% higher than that of the wide processed surface(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). The results show that the trench at the bottom of the anode promotes the discharge of anode gas to the outside world. The fluid movement is more stable(brown fused alumina manufacturers). The residence time of the bubbles at the bottom of the period is less acid and the improvement of the electrolyte flow field is beneficial to reduce the use effect coefficient(white aluminium oxide powder). 

They interact with the current in the melt to produce a Loren disk force, which deforms and fluctuates the melt interface(green silicon carbide). The residence time at the bottom of the anode and the coverage rate of the bubbles at the bottom of the rigid electrode are reduced, thereby helping to reduce the anode gas pressure drop, thereby helping to reduce the grid voltage and achieving the purpose of energy saving(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). 

The calculations for the two cases where the exhaust channel is a through channel and a non-through channel show that the brush strength of the fluid is smaller when the through channel is used(brown fused alumina mesh size F150). But there are few research reports on carbon anode trenching(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). We have performed simulation calculations on the electrolyte flow field around the anode of the pre-melting tank when different exhaust channels are used(aluminum oxide blast media canada)

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