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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F16 Switzerland

Increase the consumption of electrolyte(brown fused alumina), but a small amount of water in alumina is also necessary, because in dry purification, the water in the medium plays an important role in absorbing HF. In this way, the alumina can be transported in the pipeline or in the dry purification process not to be dry or to reduce the degree of fat(white aluminum oxide sand). The preservation effect of alumina covering material. Try to control the higher purity of the oxide group.

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Has good abrasion resistance(green carborundum). The oxidation group is required to have as large a specific surface area as possible. In order to improve its ability to absorb HF in dry purification. Otherwise, you will be interrupted. The smaller the swimming loss index, the better, which can avoid the increase in the content of the grip loss due to the loss of the grip in the sugar transportation(glass beads supplier), the loading department, and the thin gas flushing. therefore.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F16 switzerland)Generally, the high content of coarser particles will affect the dissolution rate of the oxidation data in the electrolyte(brown aluminum oxide). Its function is to ensure the rapid dissolution of alumina in the electrolyte. It has good flow properties to meet the needs of transportation in the pipeline(aluminum oxide sandblast media). The chemical properties of alumina are the main factors affecting the quality and technical and economic indicators of primary aluminum.

The oxide reacts to generate chlorine oxide gas, which increases the discharge capacity of the electrolytic cell system(silicon carbide price). Reduce the formation of precipitation, good fluidity, frame in the super-dense phase misfeeding and automatic addition of the electrolytic phase, the fly bridge is almost lost during the feeding and conveying process, which can reduce the unit consumption of the oxidation phase(black oxide aluminum). Can improve the dry purification effect.(brown fused alumina mesh size F16 switzerland)

The increase in the particle content of the smaller surface will increase the amount of dust in the working environment and affect the accuracy of feeding(pink corundum). For the modern neck olefin cotton smelting fault, alumina should have the following properties: a greater degree of solubility in the electrolyte melt, and the smallest possible thermal conductivity(garnet abrasive price), so as to improve the surface of the groove and the surface of the anode.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F16 switzerland)It is an important standard for characterizing the strength and particle size of alumina(brown aluminium oxide). The specific surface area, the specific surface area requirements are slightly larger, and the small specific surface area indicates that the alumina has a high degree of short sintering, a high degree of formation, and a good ability to absorb ammonia(abrasive blasting grit). The production of electrolytic aluminum requires good oxidized fine fluidity.

brand machine density and bulk density require basic machine setting, and the method of container feeding is not controlled for the dry timing(black corundum). The quality requirements of the aunt anode require its low species, less impurities in the ash, high density, specific resistance paper, low porosity, good thermal shock resistance and high compressive strength(arc fused alumina). Improve the working environment, with strong HF adsorption capacity.(brown fused alumina mesh size F16 switzerland)

Good oxidation resistance and low slag suppression rate(white alumina). The production of electrolytic aluminum requires that the oxide has good physical properties. This will decompose the solid stone and increase the oxygen content of the wrong liquid, which will reduce the current efficiency(silicon carbide companies). The reduction means that the total amount of water that needs to be released after the oxidation is like sending people to the electrolysis.

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