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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F180

For charging, cryolite and soda ash are added to the inner and upper poles of the measures to keep warm and avoid anodic oxidation(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). At present, there are two charging methods, one is to add cryolite after evenly mixing with pure acid, and the other is to add in layers with these two materials(aluminum oxide). After the anode is placed, put down the clamp (not tight), and install the soft connector. 

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Pass the splitter plate through the smell gap between the shell and the style plate to reach the corresponding anode steel claw beam(how to choose white fused alumina), adjust the position of the splitter plate so that it does not contact the shell and the style plate, and each splitter plate does not contact each other, and weld the splitter plate on the anode steel claw beam(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). 

The anode block shall be assembled in accordance with the specifications(white fused alumina for refractory), the carbon block shall be free of cracks and corners, the aluminum guide rod, steel claw and the bottom palm of the carbon block shall be straight and centered, the phosphorus pig iron shall be well poured, the coke particle size shall be 1 ~ 3mm(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), and there shall be no powdery coke less than LMM(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). 

Therefore(sandblasting abrasive), starting from the second month, the effect coefficient dropped to 05-1 times old, and in the third month fell to the range of the normal production period(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). It should be pointed out that since there is no next slot in the end drawing or the distance from the next slot is far, the method of crimping shunting cannot be used for shunting, and only the welding shunting method can be used for shunting(garnet abrasive suppliers).

For example, the operating procedures of some enterprises are(aluminum oxide blast media): first add about l0em cryolite, then add SCM soda ash, and then install cryolite until the anode is slightly covered (some procedures require to cover two-thirds of the anode steel claw)(wholesale brown fused alumina). The purpose of installing the diverter is to make the electrolytic cell electrify and burn in the initial stage(brown fused alumina mesh size F180).

During the loading process, the materials shall be shaped and evenly distributed as far as possible(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). The miscoke particles and hanging pole start from one end of the electrolytic cell to the other end(black silicon carbide). Place a bar cabinet or reinforcement grid directly below each anode projection, then pour coke powder on the grid, level it with a ruler or support plate, gently remove the grid, and gently place the anode on the coke powder layer(china aluminum oxide sandblasting).

There are currently three types of shunts, which also correspond to different installation methods(aluminum oxide suppliers usa): "anode ballast-cathode steel rod" connection shunt type, that is, one end of the shunt is welded to the anode steel claw beam and the other end is welded to the cathode rod(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Part of the current is shunted without passing through the roasting tank to avoid too fast temperature rise(brown fused alumina mesh size F180).

The high polymer ratio shall be adopted for the ice stone, and the high polymer ratio and low alumina content are also required for the electrolyte block(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). When the electrolytic cell needs to increase the burning current, remove the shunt in stages(aluminium oxide blast media). Otherwise, once the deformed furnace face is formed, it is very difficult to correct it, and it will even cause the electrolysis to fail to enter the normal operating state for a long time.

Another method is to directly use asbestos and other materials to plug the large anode vertical seam and the anode middle seam(white fused alumina manufacturers), and do not remove them during the firing period(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). Lead tape or quick fire copper tape with thickness of LMM and width of L15 ~ 125mm is generally used for soft coupling, and both ends are welded on aluminum (when aluminum tape is used) or steel (when steel strip is used) pressing plate(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa).

Generally(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), the anode large bus is connected to the vertical bus or the anode large bus (this tank) to the anode large bus (lower tank), that is, one end is fixed to the peishaocuo anode large bus with screw and pressing plate, and the other end is fixed to the next horizontal vertical bus (called | type) with pressing plate or U-clamp, or fixed to the anode large bus of the next tank (called type II)(aluminum oxide wholesale). For the use of soft connectors(brown fused alumina mesh size F180).

The soft connection can keep the pressure of the anode and anode focus particles consistent(green silicon carbide), and avoid the uneven temperature distribution caused by the local resistance change of the focus particle layer (the resistance of the focus particle layer decreases as the pressure it receives)(vietnam aluminum oxide). After that, the groove edge and the surrounding of the chair shall be cleaned, and the groove cover plate shall be covered(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). 

However(aluminum oxide blast media canada), the use of a soft connector is more beneficial to the firing process, because all the weight of the anode can be pressed on the coke particles to ensure good contact between the anode and the coke powder: In addition, during the firing process, the society in the cathode will expand due to thermal expansion(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). Before installation, clean the contact surface with formaldehyde or similar solution or electric steel brush(brown fused alumina mesh size F180).

In the process of furnace formation(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), in addition to strictly controlling the various technical conditions, various opportunities should also be used to check the formation of the furnace face, such as touching the edge when changing the anode, discovering abnormal signs, and adjusting the technical conditions in time to make it Correct(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). A certain gap shall be reserved between the partition wall and the anode carbon block(white aluminium oxide powder).

On the one hand(abrasive blasting grit), the material is prevented from entering, and on the other hand, heat preservation is strengthened, and electrolyte blocks (partition walls) are stacked, except for a few Outside the enterprise, the operating procedures of most enterprises also pile up electrolyte partition walls(white aluminum oxide blast media). They believe that these mineralizers entering the tank too early can easily lead to the formation of insoluble precipitates(brown fused alumina mesh size F180).

So far(brown fused alumina manufacturers), the inspection of the sub-devices (including orange loading box inspection, shelling and unloading action procedures and corresponding instruction inspection, blanking volume calibration, etc.); tank control machine inspection (including various manual operations and display signals) Correctness and reliability check, tank voltmeter calibration, etc.)(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand). The number of flexible connectors is one for each group of anodes(brown fused alumina mesh size F180).

Therefore(brown fused alumina for abrasive), it was added two or three days after the electrolysis fine was started, and then a partition wall composed of polymer electrolyte blocks was stacked on the side carbon blocks, in which the large block was close to the anode and the small block was close to the side carbon block(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). However, some companies do not use calcium fluoride or magnesium chloride in the charging stage(e.g. 10 ~ 20mm)(sandblasting sand). 

The crimping surface of the flexible connector, the guide rod and the busbar should be cleaned with formaldehyde solution (or other substances of the same nature) or an electric steel brush(brown fused alumina mesh size F180). The connection must be tightened according to inspection(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Place thermocouples: place thermocouples on the aluminum tapping end, flue end, and the anode in the middle of the A and B surfaces for temperature measurement.

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