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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F20 South Africa

When the electrolytic cell has effect, the ice stone in front of the electrode surface is pushed into the wrong place to melt(brown fused alumina). The preparation of electrolyte is an important link in the start-up by the method. The required electrolysis quality depends on the size (capacity) of the electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide grit). After 24 hours of holding, the aluminum liquid is poured, and the heat preservation material is transferred to the post management.

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Lift voltage to help the quality of the height as a benchmark, not too fast(silicon carbide abrasive). For the 380ka large cell, the electrolytic quality should not be less than 15t (3 white for non cell) The key points of fine control include adding materials. The omitted materials are mainly electrolyte blocks with a diameter of 3-5cm after crushing. At this time, the temperature can not meet the requirements(garnet abrasive). It is necessary to take measures such as stopping Nb, heating or root high voltage.(brown fused alumina mesh size F20 south africa)

When the cryolite is completely melted and the carbon slag is treated manually, the artificial effect can not be started by adding appropriate amount of alumina(brown aluminum oxide). To raise the voltage, control the temperature and ensure the safety, firstly, increase the voltage of the mother tank in advance, and open the crust on both sides of A. B. the opening length is not less than the width of the three anodes, so that the dry materials can be delayed(aluminum oxide abrasive). This method is to control the voltage not to exceed 8V.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F20 south africa)The final voltage rise depends on the precision device, and the electrolysis depends on the height(pink corundum). Generally, it is about 52V, and the electrolyte height reaches 6-28cm. The start-up time is long and the material loss is small because of the slow melting of the material. At this time, you can manually control the voltage rise, try not to adjust the rise and fall of the positive and negative heating(emery abrasive).  The electrolyte liquid needs to be prepared in other electrolyzers.

The electrolyte level of zuxiguo is too low to raise the voltage (prevent anode from separating from electrolyte)(brown aluminium oxide). Only to control the quality of the main, at the same time is to avoid the effect. The last 8 hours are the key period of safety monitoring, and the prime point monitoring and exception handling should be done(black silicon carbide). During the preparation of electrolyte. First, melt the edge material slowly, and transfer the anode covering material to the preferred part.(brown fused alumina mesh size F20 south africa)

At this time, the voltage is maintained at about 7V after the time effect(black corundum). After finishing the refining and manufacturing process, the Nb interval is opened, which is longer than the normal interval. In some enterprises, the automatic post filling aluminum time interval is 12 hours, so as to control the temperature not to be too high. It is suitable to increase the concentration of 100 mV / 2 h(synthetic corundum). It depends on human liquid electrolyte. The anode melting effect is utilized.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F20 south africa)The original start-up was finished after winding hours(white alumina). At this time, the cell voltage was controlled at about 6.5V, and then the temperature of the separator changed with the increase of the bath temperature. Put on Nb automatic feeding. Wait for the satellite operation to proceed(green silicon carbide). After using, the voltage is stable, and then continue to raise the voltage tower to melt the ice stone, but also pay attention to observe the rise height of the horizontal bus.

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