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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F22 Manufacturers USA

However, more than a month later, no foreign party came to discuss the contract(brown fused alumina). The technical personnel of the domestic wrong electrolysis industry have also made unremitting efforts and meetings, and have used the production fault method to stop the fine step technology and the load reduction certificate circuit operation shutdown technology on the small electrolytic cell(emery abrasive).

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Later, in February 2006(black corundum), the first laboratory switch prototype with a constant current of 10la and a voltage of 10V was successfully trial manufactured, and the auxiliary test work was completed in April 2006 on the 70kA electrolytic concentrate of the first electrolytic factory of Zhongping industry(black silicon carbide). On September 30, 2004, he passed the last expert evaluation by the national development and Reform Commission in Beijing.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 manufacturers usa)As early as December 1995(brown aluminum oxide), when the 280kA large-scale electrolytic test cell in China was tested for the first time before starting, considering that the voltage was low (less than 2V) and there was no power cut operation, the result was that the short intersection "failed", and the start-up plan of the whole test cell was delayed for three days(garnet abrasive), which made a deep impression on the experts from all over the country.

In 2004, junior high school level industry once again started with the project of 300kA large-scale comprehensive energy-saving technology development of lead electrolysis (this project is one of the six sub course photos)(pink corundum), and submitted to the national development and Reform Commission the fund plan of "national major industrial technology equipment system and major industrial technology development special project"(aluminum oxide abrasive).(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 manufacturers usa)

It is decided to cooperate with Huazhong University of science and technology to develop and test independently in China according to the development plan first put forward by project Wei(brown aluminium oxide). However, due to the government's exchange of evidence and the adjustment of the national technological development project plan, large current transfer(garnet suppliers), the national technological innovation project plan has not been formally approved.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 manufacturers usa)However, the operation requirements are high and the safety is poor(silicon carbide abrasive), which makes it has greater limitations, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of power-off and fine opening in principle. Through the agency, the foreign side informed the research group that "they are not sure about the project and are worried about the impact of the sound error of their products"(aluminum oxide grit), so that the foreign side will struggle to have no news.

It solves the problems of large current transfer, multi-component control and so on(white alumina). With the continuous increase of refined capacity, the aluminum electrolysis series die is becoming larger and larger. The scale of newly-built electrolysis series is more than 200000 tons / year, and the number of sugar series is close to 300(carborundum grit suppliers), which has been reviewed and demonstrated for many times, after nearly 8 months of research and test.(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 manufacturers usa)

At the same time(green silicon carbide), the variable electricity group shunt technology is used to solve the power transfer in the process of refining, and the test results of Baofei are obtained, the bus bar was short circuited to serious damage, which set the base value for the development of 300kA electrolytic refining without power failure technology and equipment in the whole plant(synthetic corundum). Since then, the development work of Tan group has been in a state of leisure.

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