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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F22 Suppliers UAE

Therefore, the skilled cold glue bonding process is a sequential flow of dozens or dozens of die(brown fused alumina). The operation time of hot glue is generally completed in about 10s. In addition to selecting the appropriate components of the hot glue, an appropriate amount of antioxidants must be added to extend the service life of the glue(black fused alumina). There are still negative pressure suction nozzles and compressed air pipes in the upper tire mold.

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Thermal bonding mold(white aluminium oxide). It is necessary to use a conformal coating plate to print the hot melt adhesive on the bonding surface of the foam die sheet, and the model can achieve rapid Precise mold clamping to ensure bonding quality. Thermal bonding molds mainly include upper and lower tire molds and glued printing plates(glass bead abrasive). The hot glue that has been in a heated state for a long time will gradually oxidize and pyrolyze its tissue structure.(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 suppliers uae)

Used for fast bonding operation process(black aluminum oxide); for the operation process of single die bonding, the operation time of cold glue is generally completed in 3~5min, which is a relatively slow bonding operation process. The thermal bonding machine consumes a lot of power, and the fumes emitted during the bonding process affect the environment(pink fused alumina). In response to the problems of the thermal bonding machine, the German common company developed a cold bonding machine.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 suppliers uae)The upper tire mold is moved to the hot melt glue After the molten pool is on, lift the glued printing plate and print the hot melt adhesive on the adhesive surface of the upper die sheet(pink aluminum oxide). The glued printing plate will fall back into the molten bath while the upper tire mold moves back to its original position; the lower tire mold is lifted The shortcomings of the thermal bonding process are(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The amount of glue is controlled by the injection pressure.

Hot melt adhesive has the advantages of fast bonding speed and high initial bonding strength, but the use temperature range is relatively narrow(garnet abrasive price). It is not suitable for the bonding of large undulating planes or curved surfaces, because the hot melt adhesive is easy to flow on the inclined surface of the printed board, which affects the bonding strength of the corresponding parts(white corundum sand). The structure of cold bonded tire mold is very similar to that of thermal bonded tire mold.(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 suppliers uae)

Glue application is completed by a robot. The cold glue used is organic solvent type(green carborundum). The robot uses a syringe to apply the glue to the adhesive surface of the foam die. The viscosity of cold glue is relatively large, and it can be attached to the inclined bonding surface without flowing(steel shot abrasive). Compared with the thermal bonding machine, its biggest advantage is that it can be completed more complicated. Bonding of curved foam molds.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F22 suppliers uae)Generally, a thermal bonding machine is not suitable for bonding various foam patterns(arc fused alumina). The cold bonding mold does not need to be coated with a printing plate, and the coating robot only needs to run according to the gluing track program of the bonding surface. The cold bonding process is very suitable for the bonding of multiple types of foam molds(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media); different foam patterns only need Just use different gluing tracks.

The difference is that 50~60℃ hot air is introduced into the lower tire mold to accelerate the volatilization of organic solvents in the cold viscose and improve the bonding strength and bonding efficiency(glass beads manufacturers). Therefore, the upper and lower tire molds of the cold bonding machine have a double-layer structure (the inner tire mold is encrypted with the outer sealing frame)(corundum abrasive). After the foam pattern is fixed, the joint can be repaired by scraping.

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