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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F36 Factory China

CAD / CAE / CAM mold technology has become the inevitable development trend of modern mold manufacturing(brown fused alumina). It also provides an effective auxiliary tool for mould makers with scientific and reasonable methods. In order to make the mold cavity have the ideal mold lift angle, the geometric size of the tool should be defined as the mold lifting angle in the cam module(aluminum oxide grit). The pyrolysis products of EPS include solid, liquid and gas.

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The application of CAD / CAE / CAM integration technology in casting process has become a significant feature of casting technology development(white alumina). This method not only saves a lot of CAD modeling work, but also ensures the generation of integral lifting angle geometric surface of casting mold(silicon carbide abrasive). The mould maker can modify and optimize the parts, mold structure, processing technology and cost with the help of computer before mold manufacturing.(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 factory china)

Moreover, it can realize the unification of design(brown aluminum oxide), analysis and mold processing, improve the rationality, accuracy and machining accuracy of casting mold structure, so as to ensure the quality of casting. There are already professional design and manufacture factories in lost foam casting, such as Hebei Renqiu modern mould Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Liu's mould Co., Ltd.(aluminum oxide abrasive), which have provided many professional foam pattern moulds for many large and medium lost foam foundries in China for a long time.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 factory china)It can also liberate designers from tedious drawing, calculation and programming to engage in more creative work(black corundum). The liquid products and gaseous products, including air in the beads, reach the metal / coating / foam pattern and metal / coating interface along the metal foam interface, and then enter into the molding sand through a series of complex physical and chemical reactions (including the two decomposition and condensation) through the coating(green silicon carbide).

Not only can greatly improve the design efficiency, shorten the product design and manufacturing cycle(brown aluminium oxide), during the filling process of EPC, the foam mold pyrolysis is an endothermic reaction, which has a chilling effect on the front edge of the liquid metal, forming a positive temperature gradient from the final filling part of the casting to the runner(synthetic corundum). The temperature gradient is related to filling speed and casting section size.(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 factory china)

Usually the casting die's inclination is built on the three-dimensional model in the way of CAD(pink corundum). The filling process of EPC is the softening, collapse, melting and gasification of the foam pattern in the cavity under the action of the hot metal front. The temperature gradient will be increased by using EPMMA material, low permeability coating, increasing pouring temperature and setting runner from wall thickness of casting(black silicon carbide). Until the best results are obtained.

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