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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F36 South Africa

The influencing factors of auxiliary equipment are the safety factors of cooling system, control part and steady flow system(brown fused alumina), such as water cut-off of rectifier cabinet, misoperation of control and protection part and out of control of steady flow system caused by cooling device failure(synthetic corundum). The power supply safety of these main loads directly or indirectly affects the normal production of aluminum electrolysis.

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The important influencing factors of the main equipment are the safety factors of the rectifier cabinet(black corundum), such as uneven current sharing of the rectifier cabinet, hidden dangers in the design of the rectifier cabinet, aging of equipment components, emergencies, etc. And the main power supply line requirements(black silicon carbide): for the rectifier distribution station, unit cooling system and power supply line, not less than two circuits.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 south africa)The primary load of aluminum electrolysis power system is mainly composed of air and material supply system(brown aluminum oxide), flue gas purification system, electrolytic cell control system, multi-function crane and casting part. To ensure the safe, reliable, economic and reasonable power supply for aluminum electrolysis is of great significance to ensure safe production and improve economic benefits(distribution station)(emery abrasive).

When any circuit fails to stop power supply, the other circuit shall be able to bear all power loads(pink corundum). Electric energy is the main power source of aluminum electrolysis production. The control power supply of substation is required to be supplied by two mutual standby DC power supply(aluminum oxide abrasive). Configuration requirements of rectifier units: the system requires n + 1 configuration, that is, N + 1 rectifier units in normal operation.(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 south africa)

The database management functions include fast access to resident memory data and hard disk data(brown aluminium oxide), which can meet the real-time functional requirements under concurrent operation; allowing different programs to access the same data set in the database concurrently, which can ensure the integrity and consistency of the database under concurrent mode(garnet abrasive); power supply configuration requirements, there are two power circuits.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 south africa)The main electrolyzer control part(silicon carbide abrasive), multi-functional crane and auxiliary water pump room shall have two power supply lines directly fed by the substation; the above power supply lines shall come from their respective transformers and bus sections, and no load shall be tapped on the lines(white aluminum oxide fine powder). The low-voltage motor of the auxiliary cooling system is required to be supplied by dual circuit power supply at the same time.

When any circuit stops power supply, other circuits shall be able to bear all loads(white alumina). The high-voltage motor used in the plant should meet the requirements of one standby and one standby. The high-voltage motor is evenly distributed on two sections of power supply(aluminum oxide grit). One section of power supply is allowed to be cut off, and the other section of power supply and high-voltage motor can meet the production requirements.(brown fused alumina mesh size F36 south africa)

According to the unsafe factors of the power supply system of aluminum electrolysis and the accident experience of individual domestic aluminum electrolysis enterprises(green silicon carbide), each enterprise has carried out various transformation and improvement of its own equipment, and explored a more mature way from the accident experience(garnet suppliers). In case of fault or maintenance, N units can meet the requirements of normal operation.

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