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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F4 Made In China

However, due to the high manganese content in high manganese steel(brown fused alumina), it is appropriate to control the w (SI) in high manganese steel at 0.4% ~ 0.65% under the condition of higher impact abrasive wear. Of course, the amount of carbide in high manganese steel is not necessarily too strict under the condition of low impact abrasive wear 5%(green silicon carbide). Chemical composition is the basic factor to determine the microstructure and properties of steel grades.

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The deoxidation ability of aluminum is stronger than that of silicon and manganese(brown aluminum oxide). The deoxidation ability of aluminum decreased. When w (AL) > 0.3%, the grain size of the steel will be coarse and the high temperature fluidity will be reduced; when UW (AL) > 1.0%, the impact toughness and plasticity of the steel will decrease obviously(aluminum oxide grit). When u (P) ~ 0.2%, the impact toughness of steel can be improved by adding aluminum at room temperature or low temperature.(brown fused alumina mesh size F4 made in china)

When the phosphorus content in steel is high(brown aluminium oxide), the harmful effect of phosphorus can be reduced by increasing aluminum content, because aluminum and phosphorus can form compound aluminum phosphide (melting point 1800 ℃), which is mainly located in the austenite body, thus reducing the amount of phosphorus coproducts on the austenite grain boundar(black silicon carbide)y. This is because the favorable effect of aluminum is achieved by forming aluminum phosphide to reduce phosphorus eutectic.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F4 made in china)When the chromium content is small, the tensile strength has little effect, but when the content is high, the tensile strength decreases(white alumina). Therefore, although the aluminum phosphide decomposes in the high temperature holding stage of the heat treatment process and forms complex phosphide eutectic composition, the eutectic is mainly located in the austenite grain rather than in the product boundary(synthetic corundum), which will not affect the strength between products.

Adding aluminum into high manganese steel is conducive to improving low-temperature toughness, which needs further research(black corundum). If the effect is stable, the low-temperature toughness of steel can be improved by controlling the amount of final deoxidized aluminum. Various standards at home and abroad stipulate that w (s) < 0.05%, according to the law of mass action, but in actual production, w (s) < 0.02%, even w (s) < 0.005%, can be controlled(aluminum oxide abrasive). Therefore, it is difficult to obtain single-phase austenite.

The practice shows that when the silicon content in steel is higher than 0.65%, the crack tendency of steel increases(pink corundum). The final deoxidized aluminum content of high manganese steel should be determined according to the casting size, wall thickness, ladle type and mold type, dry sand mold and wet sand mold). The aluminum content can be appropriately reduced, but the reduction is not more than 0.05%(emery abrasive), and the minimum addition amount should be guaranteed to be 0.15%.(brown fused alumina mesh size F4 made in china)

These effects of chromium affect the heat treatment process(silicon carbide abrasive). When treated according to the general water toughening treatment specification, the carbide containing chromium is difficult to dissolve, and the eutectoid structure is difficult to transform when heating up(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Therefore, it is necessary to increase the solution temperature by 30 ~ 50 ℃ to obtain the required microstructure. The residual w (AL) in steel should be 0.035% ~ 0.045% for large thick wall parts.

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