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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F40 Suppliers Italy

Therefore, the purpose of conveying materials to the electrolysis room is achieved(brown fused alumina). The main equipment of the ultra-dense phase conveying system is a pneumatic chute and a centrifugal fan. This valve is two-way automatic adjustment, with the advantages of wide adjustment range, high adjustment accuracy, long service life and convenient maintenance(fused alumina); the air volume is greatly reduced, and the current fan load is reduced. 

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At present, its equipment is characterized by small maintenance and simple operation and control(silicon carbide price). In daily production, a factory combined with the actual operating conditions of the equipment, this way, carried out the following equipment upgrades and improvements, which have played a good effect on improving the stable operation of the equipment and energy-saving production(garnet abrasive price). Specifically, there are the following aspects.(brown fused alumina mesh size F40 suppliers italy)

At the same time, a constant pressure adjusting device is added to the ultra-dense phase conveying system(brown aluminum oxide), which can keep the system wind pressure constant in a certain range according to actual needs, thereby ensuring that the conveying system does not block the material, and the general conveying speed is uniform in each chute(green carborundum), The air volume in the system is allocated on demand, that is, how much air is used to give as much air, and no air is used.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F40 suppliers italy)can accurately adjust the air volume required by each chute(black oxide aluminum). High degree of automation, stable and reliable operation of the equipment, the entire working process can be automatically cycled, automatically displayed and alarmed, the operator can choose automatic operation and manual operation according to needs, easy to achieve personnel optimization and automatic control, and the power consumption is also reduced(steel shot abrasive). It can remove iron automatically.

The main chute material chamber does not seep into the air chamber, and the main chute chamber is separated from the air chamber during manufacture(brown aluminium oxide). When the rubber pad at the junction of the chute and the chute is aging, the alumina will not infiltrate the air chamber, but can only penetrate into the outside of the chute to make The chamber will not feed into the chamber to ensure a long system life and no material blocking(white aluminum oxide fine powder).(brown fused alumina mesh size F40 suppliers italy)

Add sand cleaning device to super dense phase conveying system(white aluminium oxide). Fluidization is an operation that transforms solid particles into a fluid-like state through contact with gas or fluid. Adding a set of automatic iron removal device to the system can effectively remove the iron element in the alumina, reduce the iron content, and ensure the purity of the aluminum ingot(silicon carbide companies). In actual operation, the alumina contains a certain amount of sand and gravel.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F40 suppliers italy)If it is not removed in time, a certain thickness of sand and gravel will accumulate in the chute(pink aluminum oxide). The air resistance of the chute is increased, which affects the alumina transportation. An automatic sand cleaning device is added at the beginning of the transportation to regularly remove the sand and gravel in the chute(glass beads supplier). The alumina powder moves in the chute, and the two sides of the chute are worn out (usually 6 to 7 years).

Because of the so-called high air velocity, a long material plug will be formed, and a low air velocity will form a short material plug, which extends the life of the chute(black aluminum oxide). In order to prolong the service life of the chute, a solid wear-resistant agent is coated on the air arm of the chute material chamber(arc fused alumina). It is characterized by Very high wear resistance, the wear resistance is 4 times that of Q235 iron plate, so the life of the chute is greatly improved.

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