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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F54 Suppliers USA

In 1807, H. Davy, an Englishman, tried to electrolyze molten alumina to obtain metal without success(brown fused alumina). In 1956, the output of aluminum in the world began to surpass that of copper and ranked first in non-ferrous metals, becoming the metal with the output second only to steel(green silicon carbide). Because the price of electricity is too high and large current can not be obtained, industrial electrolysis test can not be carried out.

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In 1845, he used alumina gas to pass through the surface of molten metal potassium to obtain some aluminum beads, each weighing about 10-15 mg(black corundum). Thus, he made a preliminary determination of the density and ductility of aluminum and pointed out that the melting point of aluminum was not high(synthetic corundum). 1854 zanvier, France( SC.Devile )Aluminum was prepared by reducing NAC complex salt with sodium instead of potassium.(brown fused alumina mesh size F54 suppliers usa)

The factory was built in the same year and produced some aluminum head thieves, tableware and toys(brown aluminum oxide). At that time, the price was close to gold. This is what has always been called the hall - erut method. Thus, in 1854, rbunsen, a German, produced aluminum by electrolysis of naaicl molten salt(black silicon carbide). The development of button making method can be divided into two periods: chemical method at first and electrolytic method later.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F54 suppliers usa)Aluminum is the third most abundant metal in the earth's crust (about 8%), but no free metal is found in nature(pink corundum). Silver is an important component of many minerals, including clay, bauxite, mica, fluorspar, alunite, cryolite, etc., as well as some oxide minerals, such as corundum, jade, ruby, etc(emery abrasive). It had such a strong affinity with oxygen that it was impossible to reduce it with carbon and other reducing agents known at that time.

However, only a small amount of aluminum was produced until the industrial application of cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis(brown aluminium oxide). In 1883, eradley of the United States put forward the plan of cryolite oxidation salt capacity electrolysis(aluminum oxide abrasive). Three years later, in 1886, it was mainly cmhall of the United States and France PLT.Heroul In that year, they applied for the patent of cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis method through experiments.(brown fused alumina mesh size F54 suppliers usa)

The generator was invented in 1867 and improved in 1880(silicon carbide abrasive). This kind of power supply can be used in industrial production. The industrial production of aluminum began in 1855, when the French Deville used sodium instead of potassium to reduce aluminum chloride to produce metal steel. At that time, in 1746, the German J. hpxt made an oxide from alum, namely alumina(garnet abrasive). In the 18th century, A.L. lavosier of France thought it was an oxide of unknown metal.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F54 suppliers usa)The key point of this method is still the foundation of modern aluminum metallurgy industry(white alumina). Although the reserves of aluminum resources in nature are very high, the industrial production of aluminum is very late. It was not until the 1920s that aluminum was really prepared, more than 2000 years later than metal steel and iron(aluminum oxide grit). The reason is that aluminum and oxygen are combined very firmly, so it is difficult to separate aluminum.

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