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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F60 Manufacturers USA

It should be pointed out that although the electrolytic capacitor has this self-healing ability, it can not guarantee that the electrolytic capacitor will no longer fail(brown fused alumina). There are many reasons for the local damage of anodic oxide film, such as the lack of purity of raw materials and the existence of a small amount of impurities(synthetic corundum). In serious cases, it may lead to the capacitor heating and even the explosion-proof valve opening.

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It is pointed out in practice that not only oxygen is released, but also electrons enter the film(white alumina). The study on dielectric breakdown of anodic oxide film shows that the breakdown mode is electric breakdown or thermal breakdown. Improper process measures are likely to introduce impurities or defects, which will affect the electrical performance, for example, the leakage sulfur of the capacitor will increase(aluminum oxide grit), and the internal will become larger.(brown fused alumina mesh size F60 manufacturers usa)

In this paper, only the self-conscious mechanism of liquid or paste electrolyte cathode is analyzed(brown aluminum oxide). When the power supply is reversely connected, the electrons in the adding area and the holes in the household area move in opposite direction under the action of the electric field, which makes the barrier layer I narrow(green silicon carbide). The dielectric oxide film of electrolytic capacitor may be partially damaged due to the influence of many factors.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F60 manufacturers usa)If the capacitor is placed for a long time(black corundum), the working electrolyte deteriorates and dries up, and oxygen ions can no longer be provided, then the capacitor may develop into a large area of breakdown due to the partial breakdown of the oxide film, which will eventually lead to permanent damage. In these areas, the electric field will darken and the electric field will be concentrated(emery abrasive), and the oxygen ion concentration will increase.

Like other solid dielectrics, when the applied voltage reaches a certain value, the stable state of conductivity is destroyed and the dielectric breakdown occurs(silicon carbide abrasive). As for the middle part of the oxide film, it can be considered that the structure of the middle part of the oxide film is close to that of the stoichiometric composition region, which has the perfect performance of the medium(120 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the whole anodic oxide film becomes p-i-m junction.(brown fused alumina mesh size F60 manufacturers usa)

Under the acceleration of the electric field, the hooks in the film are impacted(brown aluminium oxide). Then these areas may be broken down to form a small turn or even a small pair of holes. When the oxygen release potential is reached, there will be the danger that these oxygen bubbles stay in the pores, and the electrolyte will be connected with the anode metal directly(black silicon carbide). In this way, the oxide film can also be repaired automatically.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F60 manufacturers usa)If the dissociation develops into "electron avalanche" and becomes a local dielectric breakdown and flashover occurs, then the formation efficiency has begun to decline(pink corundum). If the flash fire is added with m and expanded, the formation can not be carried out. At this time, most of the current belongs to electronic current(aluminum oxide abrasive). It can be seen that the maximum allowable formation voltage of anodic oxide film is limited by the value of flashover voltage.

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