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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F80 Suppliers USA

4 When making defects on tire wheels and sandpaper, be careful not to use too much force, and the time for each grinding should not be too long(brown fused alumina). In addition to the above manual grinding method, the corrosion of Shishiyang is used. Dong can place sandpapers of different numbers on dry electric scam pans(black oxide aluminum), or use emery with different grain sizes on wax pans, lead pans or other pans to grind them in sequence.

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Furthermore, the prepared sample should be ground flat on the coarse grinding wheel first(green carborundum), and after the road marks are uniform and consistent, it will be moved to the group grinding wheel to continue the test.  If the magnification of the object key is M and the magnification of the eyepiece is M under the specified barrel length, in addition to rinsing with water(aluminum oxide grit), the calculated magnification should be corrected proportionally.(brown fused alumina mesh size F80 suppliers usa)

Generally, it is polished until the upper cavity of the sample is completely removed and the surface looks like a mirror(brown aluminum oxide). When not etched, the sample may move slightly from time to time, but the latent light surface must not touch the warm bottom surface. After rough grinding, the sample can be moved to a polishing machine equipped with a flat cloth, a lifting cloth or a fine machine for preliminary edge polishing(brown aluminum oxide abrasive). It is better to show the metal structure clearly under the microscope.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F80 suppliers usa)After polishing, it is recommended to soak in alcohol and then blow dry with air to prevent water marks or dirt from remaining on the surface of the sample(brown aluminium oxide). The direction, location and quantity of the sample shall be taken according to the metal category, manufacturing method, technical conditions or the provisions of the agreement between the two parties(arc fused alumina). Therefore, the polishing powder uses ultrafine alumina powder or oxide wire powder selected by water.

General microscopes can be vertical or horizontal metallographic microscopes(silicon carbide price). After fine polishing, the appropriate sample can be immersed in the etchant contained in the glass temperature for etching. The decay time depends on the nature of the metal, the concentration of the etching solution, the purpose of the inspection and the magnification of the microscopic inspection(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers). Generally, it ranges from a few seconds to 30 minutes.(brown fused alumina mesh size F80 suppliers usa)

Take it out immediately after the polar etching is completed, and quickly wash it with water, and then wash the surface with alcohol, and then blow FD(white alumina). If the etching degree is insufficient, the etching can be continued according to the specific situation, or the etching can be performed after regrinding on the disc(silicon carbide companies). If the overcurrent is eroded, the effect will be applied to the foot plate or sandpaper or etched after it is freshly ground.

(brown fused alumina mesh size F80 suppliers usa)The microscope must be placed on a stable desktop or base, and it is best to have an orange moving absorption mechanism(black aluminum oxide). The operation of the microscope should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the instrument manual. When observing the sample, select the objective lens and eyepiece according to the required magnification(glass beads supplier). The diameter of the sticky disc can be 200~250mm, and the transfer is about 400~1450r/min.

The microscope should be installed in a dry clean room(pink aluminum oxide). Pay attention to the following points when using the microscope. When taking the lens, avoid touching the surface of the lens with your fingers. Take care when handling the lens and put it in the original box immediately after use. When the objective lens is close to the sample table, it should be adjusted with a fine adjuster(aluminium oxide grit manufacturers). When adjusting, make sure that the object lens is not in contact with the sample.(brown fused alumina mesh size F80 suppliers usa)

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