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Brown Fused Alumina Mesh Size F90

The coke layer will generate Joule heat between the anode and the anode(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). Before the anode is raised, the temperature of the lead solution will be maintained at about 600 ℃ for a long time, but after the anode is raised slightly, the temperature of the aluminum solution will soon rise to 900 ~ 980 ℃(brown fused alumina manufacturers). The whole process takes the control of the rising speed of Yang liquid temperature as the management point. 

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After 8 days and nights of uniform and slow burning, hindering the rigid pole lifting, the electrolysis can be started after reaching the starting temperature(green silicon carbide). At the same time, the resistance of the cathode and the electrode itself also generates heat and burns on its internal wall(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). So as to facilitate good electrical contact between the coke particle layer and the rigid pole bottom palm and stable heating resistance(vietnam aluminum oxide).

During this period(brown fused alumina mesh size F90), the electrolytic cell gradually moved to the normal level from high temperature, high cell voltage(white aluminum oxide grit), high electrolyte level and high polymer ratio in the initial stage of start-up, and gradually formed a solid crust composed of a-Al2O3 and ice stone around the cell particles, established a regular and stable grid wall shape, and established an ideal heat balance (energy balance) and material balance(aluminum oxide blast media canada).

Therefore(black silicon carbide), the basic procedure of the coke particle culture method is to evenly lay a layer of rolled coke particles with particle size of about 1 ~ 3mm and thickness of about 10 ~ 20mm between the anode and cathode as the "heating element", in which the coke particles shall be limited coke particles with strong oxidation resistance(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit), and directly uses full current firing, small bulk density change and appropriate particle size(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). 

At present(aluminium oxide powder), soft coupling is generally used to connect anode guide rod and anode bus(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). In addition, when the power is just turned on at the initial stage of culture and burning, the impulse voltage will be as high as 6V, and then the voltage will gradually decrease (due to the gradual decrease of comb bottom resistance). It is easy to cause precipitation at the edge and hinder the formation of high-quality groove face(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa).

Do not pass through the compensation burning tank to avoid rapid temperature rise and power on for melting(aluminum oxide supplier). In the sixth day and night, the voltage will decrease to 1.5V, but some enterprises do not do so at present, because the calorific value is low at this time and can not meet the requirements of culture and burning temperature(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). At this point, the electrofresh tracing has been melted, and the starting conditions are available. 

Similar to the concept of molten aluminum sintering(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), before the charging of the electrolytic cell, the bottle wall is built around the cell particles with solid electrolyte blocks to protect the artificial extension, because the electrolyte blocks are easy to slide under the rigid pole during and after the start of the electrolytic measures(sandblasting abrasive), and even the lead screw of the anode lifting mechanism of the top ring melts slowly(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). 

In order to slow down the direct impact of the aluminum liquid on the artificial leg extension and reduce the spreading area of the aluminum liquid(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), the pre cultured anode shall be placed about 2 ~ 25cm away from the cathode surface after the wall blasting masonry is completed(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). Therefore, it is necessary to slightly raise the anode to increase the voltage to about 2V, and then continue the culture and burning(china aluminum oxide sandblasting).

Then fill the lead liquid (the thickness of the lead liquid is about XM) from the outlet button end(white aluminium oxide powder), fill the phase bottom with aluminum water, wrap the anode, and then power on(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). The coke particle burning method is After spreading a layer of trash between the cathode and anode, petroleum coke particles are used as resistors(aluminium oxide blasting media). After the granules are laid, hang the anode and compact the anode on the coke granule layer.

Add cryolite and soda ash to the anode and the anode to keep warm and avoid anodic oxidation, and install a shunt so that part of the current in the electrolytic cell is shunted during the initial stage of energizing and burning(garnet abrasive suppliers). After the electrolysis machine is energized, the large-scale transmission is divided into 4 to 5 levels(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). The current stays at each level for 3 to 5 minutes, and the full current is delivered within 20 minutes.

After the electrolysis measures are energized and burned for 60 to 70 hours(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand), the phase voltage gradually drops from the initial 4V (the impulse voltage is about 6V) to about 2V(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). The cryopinite between the center seam and the anode seam has melted into an electrolyte solution (height of 10-20cm). During the burning process, the current intensity actually entering the burning tank is adjusted by adjusting the shunt(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit).

In order to make all the weight of the anode press on the coke particles(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), and to ensure that the expansion and deformation during the initial firing process does not affect the good contact between the anode and the coke powder, the stone bar powder roasting method is similar to the coke grain firing method(sandblasting sand). The surface temperature of the cathode also gradually melted from the cold state to about 950°C(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). 

However(white aluminum oxide blast media), compared with the coke grain sintering method, its process technology requirements are more stringent(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). It uses graphite with different particle size ratios as the heating resistor body, spreads it evenly on the bottom of the electrolytic cotton comb with a special grid, and then sits the anode directly on the laid graphite layer(white fused alumina suppliers). After the charge is installed, it can be directly sent to electricity for sintering.

The casting of anode guide rod and anode carbon block must be straight, and the surface must be smooth and flat to ensure full contact between the anode and the rock climbing layer(aluminum oxide blasting media). Due to the good conductivity of graphite powder, this method does not require a shunt,  which has low power consumption(when the electrolytic measures need to increase the burning current, remove the shunt in stages)(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). 

The flame is generated between the anode and the cathode(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), and transfers heat to other parts by conduction, convection and radiation(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). When laying the graphite layer on the surface of the cathode of the electrolytic cell, it is required to spread the graphite evenly and with the same height, otherwise it will cause uneven conductivity during firing and affect the wall firing effect, and the operation must be completed at one time(wholesale brown fused alumina).

During the energizing and burning period of the electrolytic cell, the sintering temperature of the cotton bottom should be tracked and measured(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). All the gaps between the poles should be used as the tracking condensate point. When the average burning temperature at the bottom of the measuring tank reaches 780℃, it will be ready(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). Starting conditions, it usually only takes 72 hours to reach this temperature(aluminum oxide sand).

The fuel is usually oil, natural gas or coal gas(brown fused alumina mesh size F90). After the electrolysis plant has been melted, the power and start-up will be carried out at the same time(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). Newly built or overhauled aluminum electrolyzers must undergo a firing and start-up process before entering production. And from the end of the start-up to the transition to normal production, a certain transition period is still required(how to choose white fused alumina). This period is called the abnormal period.

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