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Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Manufacturers China

Ceramic corundum abrasives will be developed in the direction of high hardness, high toughness and fine crystal structure(white aluminium oxide). After development and application in recent years, they can meet the technological requirements of high speed, heavy load, strong grinding and precision grinding(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The grain size is closely related to the grinding performance, and the grinding wheels made have more stable grinding performance, impact toughness and hardness of the abrasive.

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Therefore, there is no report of high-performance ceramic corundum abrasives with particle size less than 100nm at home and abroad(black aluminum oxide). Ceramic corundum abrasives with micron-level or even nano-level structures have a smaller particle size and better self-sharpening, and are more suitable for high-grade cutting fields such as precision hemp and polishing(glass beads supplier). With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous emergence of new materials.

 However, due to the high activation energy of alumina sintering diffusion, it is difficult to sinter at low temperature(brown fused alumina). In addition, the high-grade micro-ceramic corundum abrasives and grinding wheels required in China's current market mainly rely on imports. Due to the patented protection of microcrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives(green carborundum), a few foreign industrialized ceramic corundum abrasives have formed a market monopoly, which is limited to the Chinese market.

This project intends to conduct a systematic study on a new synthesis process of nanocrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives, with a view to obtaining a low-cost(pink aluminum oxide), cost-effective synthetic process route, and producing nanocrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives with excellent performance. Moreover, the crystal grains are easy to grow and it is not easy to control the crystalline structure(garnet abrasive). This kind of abrasive is mostly synthesized by sol-gel process and sintered.

A-Al2O3 is corundum (Corundum) structure(brown aluminum oxide). The crystal structure of corundum was studied by Bragg and Son and Pauling and others as early as 1916 and 1925, and corundum was determined to be a trigonal (rhombic) crystal system and Rc space point group(garnet suppliers). Since the trigonal system can also be drawn as a hexagonal unit cell with a volume three times larger than the cubic unit cell, the hexagonal unit cell is sometimes used to express its structure.

In the hexagonal unit cell of corundum(silicon carbide price), with the [111] direction of the trigonal system as the [001] (or [0001]) direction, the unit cell constant ag = b = 0.4758nm: c = 1.2991nm, and the axis angle a = 8- 90 ° = 120 ° = 6. This research is of great significance to the industrial application of China's fine ceramic corundum abrasives(silicon carbide companies), to enhance the international competitive position of China's abrasives industry, or to the development of the grinding processing field.

The lattice constant a = 0.512nm, and the axis angle a = 55 ° 16 = 2(brown aluminium oxide). Therefore, the trigonal unit cell is also called the structural unit cell, and the hexagonal unit cell is the morphological unit cell (1). Looking along the 3rd axis of the corundum structure (that is, the [111] of the trigonal system or the [001] direction of the hexagonal system) , O is ABAB ……… Hexagonal close packing, compressive strength(steel grid), while Al + occupies 2/3 of the octahedral void. Sold, and expensive.

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