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Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Manufacturers Taiwan

The main components of the commonly used pickling solution are sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and citric acid(green carborundum). In other words, the so-called solvation rule is: when the polymer is contacted as a solvent with similar solute and solubility parameters, the electrophilic I-type solvent can be solvated with the electron transporting type polymer to facilitate dissolution(46 grit aluminum oxide); when the hydrogen bond can be formed between the solvent and the host group, it is also conducive to dissolution.

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In order to delay or prevent the photooxidation of polymers, light stabilizers should be added(silicon carbide companies). The breaking of molecular chain depends on the wavelength of light and the bond energy of polymer. In a broad sense, trace metal elements in water, especially over excited metals and their compounds, can accelerate the photooxidation process(fused alumina). Although their adhesion performance is good, shorten the curing time, their internal inspection performance is poor.

It makes the linear main polymer which is originally Thermogravity into a tough and hard body network structure(arc fused alumina). The dissociation energy of various bonds is 167-586kj / mol, and the ultraviolet energy is 250-580kj / mol. In the range of visible light, the polymer is generally not dissociated, but excited(glass beads manufacturers). Therefore, in the presence of oxygen, the polymer is prone to photooxidation. For example, the C-H bond excited by rhodene is easy to interact with oxygen.

The commonly used light stabilizers are ultraviolet absorbers, such as o-hydroxybenzophenone, salicylate, etc.(brown fused alumina), light shielding agents, such as carbon black metal speech reducing agent (also known as knock-out m), which integrate with the trace metal impurities to accelerate the photooxidation and make it lose catalytic activity from the surface; energy transfer agent(garnet abrasive price). After that, the chain type automatic oxidation degradation process began.

Therefore, in order to facilitate the application of adhesives, diluents are often used to dissolve the binder and adjust the required viscosity(brown aluminum oxide). When the Haohe degree of the low-cost polymer is small, most of the products have low soft spots and low viscosity. When such polymer is bonded with other materials, it is difficult to have high adhesive strength(glass bead abrasive). The tougheners are mostly viscous liquids, such as low-molecular-weight butyric acid, sulfur rubber and so on.

In order to obtain adhesive products with excellent properties(white aluminium oxide), accelerant is a kind of compound which can accelerate the reaction between the main case compound and the curing agent, reduce the curing function and the curing speed of the resin in two sections of adhesive. Graphite powder, with stone powder and so on to improve wear resistance(steel shot abrasive); alumina, titanium dioxide and so on to increase adhesion, metal powder to improve thermal conductivity and so on.

There are two types of diluents: one is active diluent, which contains reactive groups(silicon carbide price), which can not only reduce the viscosity of the adhesive solution, but also participate in the curing reaction, such as Epoxypropane in epoxy adhesives, phenylwake, etc; The other is non active diluent, most of which are emotional solvents, which do not participate in the curing reaction and only play the role of dilution(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Also known as base material or main agent.

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