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Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Suppliers Canada

Finally, the anode lifting mechanism is removed from the upper structure at the top of the electrolytic fault(brown fused alumina). This operation is done every 2-3 weeks, and the final anode support beam can be lifted by 20cm. Industrial production of primary aluminum is carried out in aluminum reduction cell(aluminum oxide grit). The anode after replacement shall be cleaned outside the tank. The rods are then sandblasted and polished.

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The crane system is usually used to transport and replace anode and discharge aluminum manually(silicon carbide abrasive). The method of aluminum smelting adopts Hall - ERU aluminum electrolysis method, which is named after the inventor. In the last 20 years of the 20th century, the inner ellipsoidal anode effect was automatically extinguished(high purity fused aluminum oxide), but sometimes some modern or old electrolyzers still used manual operation to extinguish the anode effect.

(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers canada)When extinguishing by hand(brown aluminum oxide), it is necessary to open the electrolyte shell at the edge and insert a "fresh" stick into the electrolyte or aluminum liquid to stir the melt to produce short circuit effect, thus driving away the anode gas layer. The anode effect can also be eliminated by blowing cold air vertically into the self cultivating anode tank(aluminum oxide abrasive). The replacement of anode and discharge of aluminum are completed by the crane alternately.

Considering the environment, aluminum electrolysis industry has taken various measures to reduce the anode effect coefficient and shorten the duration of anode effect(pink corundum). Finally, the position of the anode support beam becomes very low. When the limit position is reached, the anode beam is lifted by the anode beam lifting mechanism(emery abrasive). All anodes are hung on the anode beam lifting mechanism, and the two are connected.(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers canada)

This shows that the modern pre culture cell can not produce anode effect for a long time (one month or more), and it will not produce any consequences harmful to the operation of the cell(brown aluminium oxide). The new and improved experimental data reveal the ambiguous data in the phase diagram of the electrolyte used in hall ELU cell(black silicon carbide). Most modern electrolyzers have 16-40 pre wall anodes, which means that about one anode is replaced per cell per day.

(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers canada)It is difficult to realize the anode effect less than 10 times / day for the self marriage tank(white alumina). Modern aluminum reduction cell workshop's pre training production series are equipped with multi-functional crown block, the operator sits in the crane cab with air conditioning, and uses the robot arm to replace the anode(synthetic corundum). The change of anode will affect the cell. The cleaned residual electrode is broken and used to make new anode.

The electrolyte used in the recycling tank comes from the waste material in the recycling tank(black corundum). Theoretically, it is possible that all the anode effects may occur, at least in the pre bath. The anode effect coefficient of the most modern aluminum reduction cell is 0.1 times / day, and the best is 0.03 times / day(green silicon carbide). The lifting mechanism is placed in the proper position of the tank, and the anode clamp re tightening the anode in the original position.(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers canada)

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