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The experimental phenomenon that the reduction of the aluminum-silicon ratio leads to the reduction of the refractoriness of the binder can be explained by the glass network theory(silicon carbide price). In the R2O-MO-B203-Al2O3-SiO2 alkali aluminum borosilicate glass system, SiO2 is a network-forming oxide, forming a three-dimensional network structure of silicon-oxygen tetrahedron [SiO4] in the glass(wholesale brown fused alumina). Before testing, polish the surface of the sample to a mirror surface.

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The alkali metal oxides Na2O and K2O and the alkaline earth metal oxide CaO belong to the outer body oxide of the network(white aluminium oxide). They cannot generate glass alone, but can provide free oxygen and play a role in breaking the network. B can also exist in the glass network as the planar structure of boron-oxygen trigonal [BO](garnet abrasive). After capturing free oxygen, boron-oxygen trigonal BO3 is transformed into boron-oxygen tetrahedron [BO] and enters the glass network.

(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers south africa)Ca ion has a large charge, a small ion radius, and a large electric field strength, and it also has a significant effect on the aggregation of the glass network(brown fused alumina). Al2O3 and B2O3 are network intermediate oxides, and the intermediate oxides tend to capture and give free oxygen at the same time(green carborundum). After capturing free oxygen in the system, do not participate in the network, an aluminum oxide tetrahedron [A1O] structure is formed to enter the glass network.

In the glass network, Al can exist in the form of aluminum oxide octahedron [AlO6](black aluminum oxide). And when the free oxygen in the system is insufficient, Al2O3 takes priority over B2O3 to enter the network. When the other components in the system remain unchanged and the aluminum-to-silicon ratio decreases, there are two factors that affect the glass melt viscosity and the refractoriness(garnet suppliers). The highest refractoriness of 1A is 826 ℃, the lowest refractoriness of 5A is 762 ℃, the difference between the two is 64 ℃.(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers south africa)

At high temperature, B mainly exists in the glass network with the planar structure of boron-oxygen trigonite [BO3(brown aluminum oxide)]. In the composition of the above five binders, the amount of free oxygen provided by R20 and MO in the glass system exceeds that of AP to form aluminum(silicon carbide companies). The required amount of oxygen tetrahedron [AlO], Al exists in the form of aluminum oxide tetrahedron [AlO4], and thus enters the glass network to play a role in mesh repair.

(brown fused alumina micropowder suppliers south africa)On the one hand, the amount of aluminum oxide tetrahedron [AlO4] that plays a role in network connection is reduced, which makes the network loose(pink aluminum oxide), the viscosity is reduced, and the refractoriness is reduced; on the other hand, more free oxygen will affect the silicon tetrahedron in the glass [Si0] The three-dimensional network plays a destructive role(steel grid). Reducing the fluidity of the melt is not conducive to the wetting of the liquid relative to the solid phase.

When fired at 970 ℃, as the aluminum-boron ratio of the ceramic binder system increases, the fluidity of the binder gradually decreases(brown aluminium oxide). As the fluidity of the binder system decreases, the flexural strength of the ceramic corundum abrasive strips gradually increases(glass bead blasting media suppliers). First, the increase in the aluminum to boron ratio in the ceramic binder system will cause the glass melt network to become dense, the viscosity will increase, and the fluidity will decrease.

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