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Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Wholesale Price Italy

In many cases, KTI and KT3 grade semiconductor strain resistors are also produced(brown fused alumina). The resistance is 45-330 ohms, the base length is 3-7 mm, and the strain sensitivity coefficient is 110 ± 10. Some enterprises and organizations try to manufacture strain resistance sheets with their own strength(pink aluminum oxide). Because the error of the results measured by the self-made strain resistance sheet is very large, and the repeatability of the measurement results is very bad.

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The cleaning method, drying and moisture-proof technology at the place where the strain resistance sheet is attached have been introduced in the literature(silicon carbide abrasive). This method can be used to measure the standard modulus of elasticity of abrasive tools and C-2 and C-8 material products at the above temperatures(aluminum oxide abrasive). The problems of instrument zero calibration and calibration during strain measurement have been introduced in detail in the literature.

Special attention should be paid to moisture protection and mechanical protection(brown aluminum oxide). Without resistance to moisture, the performance of the resistor sheet will change, and the results obtained will be very rough, that is to say, the measurement results are very error and cannot be accurately calculated. If you use phenolic resin varnish to paste the strain resistance sheet, you do not need to use special moisture-proof measures(black silicon carbide). Researchers and experimenters should prevent this practice.

It is also necessary to study the performance of ordinary abrasives, diamond abrasives, cubic nitrided abrasives and some special heat-resistant materials (such as C-2 and C-8 materials) at high temperatures(green silicon carbide). Has been able to solve this high temperature strain measurement method(synthetic corundum). A high-temperature strain measurement method was developed by the Erzunov Central Process Design Institute, and its measurement temperature can reach 700 ° C.

It should be pointed out that since all strain measurement processes in the abrasives industry have low-frequency characteristics, it is recommended to use 8-AH4-7M, TA-5 low-frequency strain gauges(brown aluminium oxide). The recording instrument used for strain measurement usually uses M10-2, H-102, H-105 and H-700 inertial oscilloscopes. In most cases (when the recorded data changes slowly or the so-called low dynamics) During the process 3nⅡ can be used.

When the strain measurement method is applied in the abrasives industry and grinding process research, the above strain gauges and recording instruments can be used(white alumina). The general type strain gauges are usually used to measure the elastic deformation or the residual deformation with small value below 2 ~ 3%. In addition, when the deformation reaches 12%, it is recommended to use the titanium strain sensor e. For the deformation below 15%, the rubber wire sensor is used(aluminum oxide grit). When the deformation is 50%, the mercury sensor is used.

It should be pointed out that when strain measurement is performed(black aluminum oxide), special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the strain resistance sheet, until the analysis of the measurement results and the finishing of the measurement process of some details. In particular, remember that the measurement channel must be calibrated for zero sum(emery abrasive). When the entire measurement system is not ideally calibrated or unreliable, the measurement results are not credible.

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