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Brown Fused Alumina Oxide Manufacturers UK

For example, in the same 1250kV · A electric furnace, the secondary voltage used for smelting brown aluminum oxide is generally 114.5 ~ 121V and the current is 5000 ~ 6000A, while the smelting of white corundum uses 146V voltage and 3000 ~ 4800A current. On the electric furnace with the same power, the brown aluminum oxide blast media furnace can choose thinner electrodes. This can increase the melting speed and obtain better technical and economic effects.

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When smelting white aluminium oxide manufacturer, dense artificial graphite electrodes should be used. If the electrode is too close to the furnace wall, it may cause serious carbon increase in the furnace, which will affect the quality of corundum. The selection principle of white corundum smelting furnace parameters is similar to that of brown corundum, but because the principle and process characteristics of white corundum are different from white aluminum oxide 120 grit, some parameters are also different.(brown fused alumina oxide manufacturers uk)

In order to prevent the furnace from leaking, the electrode margin of the white aluminum oxide 220 grit furnace and the diameter of the hearth should be larger than the brown corundum furnace of the same power. The furnace is about 660mm. In the process of smelting white corundum, especially in the later stage of smelting, the melt in the lower part of the hearth is allowed to solidify and crystallize first. This will not only affect the quality of brown fused alumina grit, but will help the segregation.(brown fused alumina oxide manufacturers uk)

The solidification at the bottom is not good for the pouring furnace. But the solidification of the lower part of the furnace should not be too early, otherwise the growth of corundum crystals will be affected. Therefore, the frit brown aluminum oxide 70 grit furnace can be deeper than the brown fused alumina for grinding furnace. Carbon materials should not be used in the dumping furnace. White corundum or alumina powder can be used. This will not cause carbon increase due to the furnace lining, which is also beneficial to energy conservation.

(brown fused alumina oxide manufacturers uk)The pouring furnace needs to pour out the molten melt. In order to reduce the weight of the furnace body and the drop of the pouring melt, it should be shallower than the brown fused alumina furnace. βAl2O3 crystal dispersion and corundum blackening are common quality problems encountered in brown aluminium oxide manufacturer frit, otherwise it will easily cause serious carbon increase. The bottom, hearth and lining of the white corundum frit furnace should be made of graphite or fired high-quality carbon products.

According to production practice, eliminating the furnace lining and thickening the brown aluminium oxide furnace bottom material can not only prevent the furnace from increasing carbon due to the furnace bottom or the furnace lining, but also save carbon materials, but increase the heat loss. For example, smelting brown corundum uses 350mm electrodes; white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit uses $ 200 ~ 250mm electrodes to reduce the carbon in the melt brought by the electrodes.(brown fused alumina oxide manufacturers uk)

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