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Brown Fused Alumina Oxide Suppliers Thailand

The mixture obtained by mixing brown fused aluminium oxide and admixture in raw rubber is called forming material. The quality of forming materials is affected by the viscosity of raw rubber, the wettability of raw rubber to abrasives and admixtures, slowly enter the rubber, the dispersion of admixtures, purity, temperature and fineness, the sequence of feeding and 100 grit aluminum oxide white mixing time.

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The glass bead abrasive mixing method is divided into two categories according to the shape and properties of raw rubber: one is for liquid rubber, the mixing method is loose mixing; the open type rubber mixer is used, which first makes the raw rubber heat and soften, and then mixes the mixture and abrasive. There are three stages in open mixer: binder mixing, brown fused alumina oxide forming material mixing (adding sand), forming material roll crushing (loose material preparation).

(brown fused alumina oxide suppliers thailand)After forming the roll coating rubber, garnet abrasive price add stearic acid and other additives first, then add Zn and other additives that are difficult to disperse, then add fillers, add filler powder, eat all the powder, roll for 4-5min, add curing agent, wait for sulfur to be mixed into the rubber, and complete the whole process of eating powder. The loose material mixing machine is mainly used for mixing the solid rubber forming materials formed by steel shot abrasive molding.

According to the operation sequence of open type rubber mixer, the brown fused alumina mixture of binders can be divided into three stages: roll wrapping, powder eating and turning. The feeding sequence is as follows: raw rubber, solid softener, small material (accelerator, accelerant, antioxidant, etc.), reinforcing agent and filling material → liquid softener, sulfur, turning over, cutting and blending. Turning includes cutting and wholesale brown fused alumina turning.(brown fused alumina oxide suppliers thailand)

There are many methods of cutting and turning, such as broach, splay knife and triangle bag. The brown aluminum oxide preparation of forming materials after the formation of binder roll adhesive, adjust the roll distance to form a certain accumulation glue on the roll gap, and add Abrasives evenly and continuously above the accumulation glue. The process of mixing the admixture and brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers into rubber evenly with certain equipment and methods is called mixing.

(brown fused alumina oxide suppliers thailand)With the increase of the amount of brown aluminium oxide entering the binder, gradually increase the roll distance, and open the cooling water to reduce the material temperature to below 82 ℃. After 2 / 3 of abrasives are added, the other is for solid rubber, increase the roll distance, continue to add all abrasives, white fused alumina price and then Roll for a certain time. It not only mixes the forming materials, but also plays the forming materials into loose state.

The glass beads manufacturers main working parts of the mixer are two oval hollow rollers with roll rotating edge, which rotate in opposite direction at unequal speed. During mixing, the mixer functions as extrusion, rubbing, turning up, down, left and right, and spreading cracks. The technological process is as follows: breaking glue into micelle, softening binder mixture, softening mixture, white fused alumina suppliers, breaking and sieving a loose forming material.(brown fused alumina oxide suppliers thailand)

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