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Brown Fused Alumina Powder Manufacturers China

The kiln body is divided into preheat zone, firing zone and cooling zone along the length(arc fused alumina). It is composed of a frame, a wheel bearing group, a sand sealing plate and a brick lining. There are many types of tunnel kilns at present, and there is no unified classification standard(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). According to the types of fired products, it is divided into the following four types: clay brick tunnel kiln; silicon brick tunnel passenger; high aluminum brick tunnel kiln.

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The tunnel kiln has the advantages of high output, low fuel consumption, stable thermal conditions, high degree of mechanization, full automatic control, good working conditions, and long service life of the solution(silicon carbide price). Therefore, it is widely used in the refractory industry. In order to meet the firing requirements of various industrial products, many tunnel kilns with various characteristics have appeared at home and abroad; alkaline refractory tunnel kiln(aluminum oxide blasting media).

Such as flame-proof operation tunnel kiln, multi-channel tunnel kiln, reflux heat exchange tunnel kiln, conveyor belt tunnel dense, roller bottom kiln, air cushion kiln, electric kiln, etc(white aluminum oxide grit). The firing of special refractory products often uses inverted flame kiln and various resistance furnaces and induction furnaces. The kiln car is not only a movable kiln bottom but also a transportation device for fired products(brown aluminum oxide factory). It is a tunnel kiln built with refractory materials and with a certain clearance section.

According to the size, it is divided into the following four types: micro tunnel kiln, kiln chamber section is less than 0.5m, length is less than 20m(brown fused alumina); small tunnel kiln, kiln chamber section is 0.6 ~ 1.5m2, length is 20 ~ 60m; medium tunnel kiln, kiln chamber The cross-section is 1.5~2.6m2 and the length is 60~120m; for large tunnel kilns, the section of the kiln chamber is greater than 2.6m and the length is greater than 120m(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), The firing temperature is greater than 1700 ℃ (1800 ℃).

According to the firing temperature, it is divided into the following four types(brown aluminum oxide): low temperature tunnel kiln, firing temperature less than 1300℃; medium temperature tunnel kiln, firing temperature 1300~1500℃; high temperature tunnel kiln, firing temperature] 500~1700℃; ultra high temperature tunnel kiln(low sodium white fused alumina). The kiln door is installed at both ends of the tunnel kiln entrance and exit, and can be divided into two types: lifting plate type and rolling curtain type.

Tunnel kiln is composed of kiln body, combustion device, ventilation system, kiln car, kiln door and attached trolley, etc(brown aluminium oxide). The kiln body is a straight tunnel-like studio enclosed by kiln walls and kiln roof. The studio is located on a solid reinforced concrete foundation and consists of many platform kiln cars connected to each other(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The kiln car moves along a guide rail fixed on the foundation. The two ends of the tunnel are separated from the outside by a kiln door or a gas barrier.

Combustion devices are mainly combustion chamber and burner(white aluminium oxide). Ventilation system includes cooling belt blast system, hot air extraction system, pre-tropical smoke exhaust system, air curtain system, various gas circulation systems, kiln bottom pressure equalization system, etc(white aluminium oxide super fine). They are composed of fans, ejectors, metal pipes, masonry channels, kiln body openings, etc. The plug-in type is divided into a full kiln door and a half-capacity door.

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