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Brown Fused Alumina Powder Wholesale Price Turkey

The first-class industrial alumina with low alkali, which has been carried and burned at 1500-1600 ℃, is used as the raw material(aluminum oxide grit). Steel ball is used as grinding medium, and the wet method is used for fine grinding. Ball mill 400mm × 600mm, power 2.2kw, revolution 60R / min. According to the amount of material: water: steel ball = 1:1.2:3.5. In the process of grinding, it is easy to produce some gas(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The loading capacity of each time is 25kg. 

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When the calcination temperature of industrial alumina is lower than 1500 ℃(aluminum oxide abrasive), although the phase conversion rate is more than 98%, and it is easy to grind, but due to the lack of shrinkage, the mud quality is not stable and the water content is high when making mud. The green body poured with this slurry has low density, large shrinkage in the process of firing, and the products are easy to deform and crack(white aluminum oxide grit). The proportion of steel ball size is 20-15mm40%, 10-6mm60%.

(brown fused alumina powder wholesale price turkey)If the calcination temperature of the raw material is higher than 1600 ℃, the efficiency and effect of the raw material grinding will be significantly reduced(brown fused alumina). After the slurry has been washed for many times, it is required that the slurry has a neutral reaction (pH = 7), and then the washing can be stopped(glass beads manufacturers). First, put the ground slurry into the acid resistant white porcelain cylinder, and put 5-10kg dry material into each cylinder according to the size of the cylinder

After group grinding, the particle size of raw material is less than 2un, more than 95%, and the maximum particle size is less than 5unt(brown aluminum oxide). The grinding method has a great influence on the grinding efficiency and effect of raw materials. If small diameter steel ball and wet grinding are used, the grinding efficiency and effect are better(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). Material for the second pickling: acid = 1: 0.75, the operation is the same as the first pickling. In order to prevent explosion, air shall be released once every 4 hours.(brown fused alumina powder wholesale price turkey)

The ground slurry shall pass through 0.147mm (80 mesh) screen when discharging to prevent coarse particles and small steel balls from falling into the slurry(brown aluminium oxide). Generally, only large steel balls can be added. In the process of grinding, a lot of iron is inevitably milled into the sintered a-oxidation cap, which makes the milk white slurry become dark gray or gray(garnet abrasive price). The grinding time is 100h, such as 8-10h with 2001 'vibration grinding (100kg per load).

(brown fused alumina powder wholesale price turkey)When the iron content is the highest, it can exceed 1%(white alumina): the iron content in the slurry not only changes the appearance color of the product, but also reduces the high temperature performance of the product. In order to ensure the purity of the slurry, it is necessary to use acid pickling method to remove the metal iron brought in during the grinding process(glass bead abrasive). Generally, hydrochloric acid and secondary acid washing are used to remove iron.

Add people according to the dry material: hydrochloric acid = 1:1.5(silicon carbide price). For the first acid pickling, material: acid = 1:0.75, add hydrochloric acid in proportion to the white porcelain cylinder filled with slurry to prevent intense reaction, and add it slowly. After adding acid, stir it every 4 hours to make the material and acid react fully. The first washing was carried out 24 hours after the reaction(steel shot abrasive). The second pickling shall be conducted after two times of water washing.

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