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Brown Fused Alumina Powder Wholesale Suppliers UK

However, with the increase of steam pressure(black aluminum oxide), the equipment strength is required to be improved, thus increasing the equipment cost, so the heating steam pressure should not be too high. Because of the high vacuum, the boiling point of the solution decreases, so at increases(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). However, if the vacuum degree is too high, on the one hand, the solution temperature is too low, and the solution viscosity increases.

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It is disadvantageous to the circulation speed of solution(white aluminium oxide). On the other hand, high vacuum equipment costs a lot. The decrease of temperature loss is beneficial to the increase of effective temperature difference. Reduce the temperature loss of evaporation pipeline(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Therefore, low liquid level operation is often used to reduce the temperature loss caused by the static head of liquid column when a certain evaporator emits certain materials.

(brown fused alumina powder wholesale suppliers uk)In the multi effect evaporation(brown aluminium oxide), the secondary evaporation of the heating chamber from the first effect to the next one results in temperature loss due to the resistance of pipes and fittings and heat dissipation. Therefore, the pipeline is short, the pipe fittings are less, and the temperature loss is small(brown fused alumina suppliers). On the other hand, strengthening the heat preservation of evaporator and pipeline can also reduce the temperature loss.

In general, the temperature loss caused by the static pressure of the liquid column is reduced(brown aluminum oxide). The boiling point of the bottom solution is higher than that of the surface solution due to the difference of the pressure on the bottom solution and the pressure on the surface solution by a liquid column head(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Therefore, the average boiling point of the solution is also increased. There are two ways to reduce the loss of temperature difference.

In the evaporation process, keeping enough effective temperature difference is one of the main conditions to improve the efficiency of Yanfa(brown fused alumina). It is suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, high carbon steel and other hard materials with high tensile strength(brown fused alumina 60 grit). In general, the effective temperature difference of each evaporator should not be lower than 5-7 ℃, otherwise the evaporation operation can not be carried out.(brown fused alumina powder wholesale suppliers uk)

From the above three main aspects, the influencing factors can be simply summarized as follows: the control range of NK in circulating mother liquor requires 175-195g / L(arc fused alumina). The evaporation mother liquor and liquid alkali in the evaporation station shall be mixed into qualified circulating mother liquor to control the stability of circulating mother liquor NX(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The specific gravity of evaporated mother liquor and the mixing amount of liquid alkali shall be stable.

(brown fused alumina powder wholesale suppliers uk)The production index shall be controlled by timely adjusting the proportion of evaporation mother liquor and liquid alkali according to the test results of production point samples(green carborundum). On the other hand, the use pressure of the first effect steam should be controlled(brown fused alumina factory). Every 0.01 MPa increase in the first effect steam pressure and 2-3 values in the specific gravity increase, the circulating mother liquor n area will increase by 1-2 g / L, and vice versa.

The nk of circulating mother liquor increases by 1g / L for every 1-2 increase of discharge specific gravity, and vice versa(pink aluminum oxide). The adjustment of specific gravity of evaporation mother liquor should be controlled from two aspects. On the one hand, adjust the feed rate of evaporator, and increase the specific gravity by 2-3 values when the feed rate decreases by 30m3 / h(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), corresponding to the increase of NK of circulating mother liquor by 1-2g / L, and vice versa.

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