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Brown Fused Alumina Size Sand Manufacturers UAE

There was no overheating in the wall burning part(brown fused alumina). Cover material surface is regular and tangible. Some of the impulse voltage is as high as 6V or more, which shows that the quality of the sitting pole is not good, and the grain surface of the plate is small(aluminium oxide sandblasting). The gasification rate is less than 20% for charcoal blocks, less than 30% for spin wax, and less than 10% for carbon blocks and 15% for charcoal paste.

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With the increase of temperature, the surface shunt steel strip has a higher resistance value, and the shunt flow decreases significantly(brown aluminum oxide). The sandy oxidized stomach is spherical, stable and relatively rentable, the angle of repose is small, and only has good fluidity. The maximum impulse voltage is 4.2V, and it is generally around 3.8V(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Blood can avoid the redness of the shunt, and it is a performance of energy saving.(brown fused alumina size sand manufacturers uae)

In the assembly burning test, the temperature of the low-temperature heating for 36 hours is about 320°C, which is about 0°C lower than the normal olefin image method(brown aluminium oxide). Through the change of the hair structure, the shunt is improved. Shape oxidation is somewhere in between(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). According to the trough volume, you can choose different ratios to calculate the calorific value to achieve low temperature control. purpose.

(brown fused alumina size sand manufacturers uae)According to the experience of power-on inspection in the past, if the impulse voltage is high(white alumina), the quality of the alkene is very poor, the current distribution is uneven, and the deviation of the protection cavity coverage is too high. The temperature gradient of the face protection is up to 5C for standard removal(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The firing is reduced from 86 hours to 84 hours, and the initial stage of control is shortened by 12 hours.

First of all, when the coke laying is slow, the height of the coke output eye is controlled to be 25mm, and the total amount of heating element is about 600kg(black corundum). After the 320kA cooking test in a factory, the highest point of the middle seam was 86#℃, the lowest point was 620℃, and the end temperature of the plugging was 645℃(garnet abrasive price). It also suppresses the early breakage of the cell. The generated gas particles have a high voltage.(brown fused alumina size sand manufacturers uae)

In addition, the initial burning time has been shortened from 96 hours to 54 hours, realizing the purpose of low-temperature wax burning(pink corundum). The energizing impulse voltage of the mixed heating element of coke-grained stone powder is about 3.8V, which is more than 0.8V lower than the previous stage(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Energy-saving and energy-saving, thermo-wax replacement technology is intuitive in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction.

(brown fused alumina size sand manufacturers uae)The amount is low, and the use of coke can improve the support and height of the special coke sieve in the low-leakage burning technology, saving about 300ke of coke bar(green carborundum). The low-temperature firing technology spreads you thin thickness, which is conducive to the contact between the poles(aluminum oxide abrasive media). There is no twisting and fire, which can effectively improve the quality of cooking. The static oxidizers are flaky and weakly hairy.

It not only reduces the amount of heating element (bird) used, but also uses electricity in terms of wall burning time and shrinking voltage(aluminum oxide grit). The average voltage of the wall winding process is 2.47V. It can be calculated that the economic benefit of the low start-over burning technology for each electrolytic coke transmission R and electric energy reduction is more than 10,000 yuan(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive), which is a relatively feasible energy-saving technology.(brown fused alumina size sand manufacturers uae)

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