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Therefore, planting management(brown fused alumina suppliers australia), aluminum water height and aluminum output management, electrolyte height management, anode replacement progress management, anode covering material management, primary aluminum quality (lead liquid purity) management, effect management, abnormal tank conditions (sick tanks) And accident prevention and management. 

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The advantage of using computer in dynamic temperature measurement in China is that under the same volume, the spherical probe has the largest surface area(steel grid). since the top bet of the optical fiber will be dissolved or melted, it needs to be updated constantly to keep the top pig of the optical fiber transparent(vietnam aluminum oxide). When the condensing layer melts, the heating rate begins to rise, and then there is a decline process(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). 

The temperature of the spherical center becomes the synthesis of the temperature of each point of the shell, so it has high stability and reproducibility. The potential data of thermocouple is continuously sampled and input into microcomputer for processing after AD conversion(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers). The consumable optical fiber is installed in the protective sleeve(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). Its top is inserted into the melt with an insertion depth of about 50mm. 

At the critical point where the solidified layer is just fully cultured, the temperature of the probe is equal to the temperature of the initial product(white fused alumina). The ordinary inter song on-line temperature measurement does not require the principle of dynamic method, but is controlled by microcomputer. When the output signal of thermocouple reaches stability, the thermoelectric boiler will be automatically extracted immediately(brown fused alumina suppliers australia).

The point 1 in the heating rate-time curve in the figure is the initial product point(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). A method of measuring the temperature of liquid metal by using consumptive optical fiber radiation thermometer has emerged, which has been successfully applied in copper and steel smelting industry(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Also can not reflect the small fluctuations of the tank temperature in the short term (passive temperature before and after the feed).

Baotou lead industry Co., Ltd. carried out the industrial test insurance of the intermittent on-line temperature measuring device in 2001, in which the special ferroalloy based protective sleeve is used for the thermocouple, and the target parameters are(sandblasting grit): the temperature measurement accuracy is q.5%(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). There has also been a research report with a worm-enhancing probe called the probe with a worm-enhancing pot(black aluminum oxide).

According to the time temperature curve, the primary crystal temperature can be obtained(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). Therefore, it is a contact temperature measurement method. More importantly, the spherical probe can ensure that the heat transmitted to the center in all directions is consistent(aluminum oxide blast media canada). When the primary crystallization temperature is reached, the cooling speed becomes slow because the measured medium releases melting heat.

At present, some units are carrying out temperature measurement experiments in aluminum electrolysis cells(aluminum oxide sandblasting). At present, some factories in China are trying out a disposable probe with stacked cochlea, hoping to detect the initial product point of electrolyte and serve as the basis for adjusting and controlling electrolyte superheat(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). Tbereax et al. published research reports on lead oxide concentration meters in 1976 and 1983.

The use times of the thermowell is 5000 times(garnet mesh 30 60), and the response time of the thermocouple is 3 ~ 4min(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). That is, after the time temperature curve has a stable platform, it can be taken out for cooling, and the microcomputer tracks and detects the output signal of heat and power supply. During the measurement, the probe keeps heating up, and the heating speed keeps decreasing(pink corundum). Each measurement insertion is about S.

The ordinary optical fiber radiation thermometer measures the temperature by directly receiving the radiation light on the surface of the measured object(aluminium oxide powder), that is, non-contact temperature measurement, while the consumable optical fiber pot radiation thermometer immerses the optical fiber into the measured molten metal and receives the radiation light inside the measured object(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). That is, the primary crystal temperature(brown fused alumina suppliers australia).

Insert the probe into the electrolyte(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). After each measurement, the fiber will be immediately pulled out by 50mm, and then the tip of the fiber will be cut off(green silicon carbide). Therefore, when the temperature reaches the electrolyte temperature, because the surface of aluminum electrolyte will crust, the contact temperature measurement method should be more suitable for the temperature measurement of drilling electrolytic cell.

The entire measurement process takes about 2m(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The determination of the concentration in the electrolyte has undergone long-term research and development, and it is still ongoing. However, there is still no measuring instrument that can be used in industry for a long time(abrasive blast media). Following the research report of the spherical probe, many principles and applications explored by the predecessors are still worthy of reference today(brown fused alumina suppliers australia).

Among them are(black silicon carbide): the use of dual concentration batteries to measure the activity of cryolite monoxide molten salt, and the use of non-consumable anodes to directly measure ice The concentration in Pinshi's monoxide melt is measured by a simulated galvanic cell composed of a reference electrode and a detection electrode, and the concentration in the electrolyte is measured by the relationship between the critical current density and the alumina content(brown fused alumina suppliers australia).

The principle of this lead oxide concentration meter is based on the relationship between the anode critical current density and the oxide surrounding concentration(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). In the late 1980s, Wang Huazhang, Liu Yexiang and others from Central South University put forward the idea of applying the idea of dynamic temperature measurement to the temperature detection of high-temperature melts such as aluminum electrolyte(corundum sand).

The aluminum oxide concentration in the electrolyte can be found by measuring the critical current(garnet sand). The base value of the tank wall temperature (the change period of the base value is in days) is determined by the thickness of the furnace shell at the measuring point, and there is a good corresponding relationship between the two(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). The key to this method is how to determine the critical point of the temperature-time curve(aluminium oxide blasting).

We will first discuss the thinking and methods of modern pre-olefin cell management, and then focus on some important management contents that are closely related to aluminum electrolysis engineering technology and mainly belong to the scope of technical management, including(aluminium oxide grit suppliers): management of technical standards (wrong benchmarks), management of electrolyte composition, Slot voltage management(brown fused alumina suppliers australia).

These discussions indicate that the change in tank wall temperature relative to the base value (change period in hours or days) can reflect the temperature in the tank(aluminium oxide blast media), but it reflects the delay, the lag time is as long as 1 to several hours, and it cannot accurately and quantitatively reflect the temperature(brown fused alumina suppliers australia). Therefore, modern pre-training tanks need a group of new managers with new management concepts and thinking methods(alumina grit).

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