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The hardness of the aluminum oxide sandblasting media crystal is anisotropic. Abrasive hardness generally decreases with increasing temperature. Generally speaking, the better the toughness of the abrasive, the more the unit of metal being ground will be. Specific methods for measuring high purity fused aluminum oxide toughness include static pressure method and ball milling method. The measured value of the static pressure method is relatively stable. 

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The toughness of the abrasive refers to the ability of the aluminium oxide sandblasting particles to resist impact without breaking under the action of the grinding force. The abrasive must have certain toughness to ensure the cutting ability of the abrasive grain cutting edge, and it can sharpen itself when the abrasive grain cutting edge is blunt, so as to obtain a good grinding effect. aluminum oxide for sand blaster toughness is a relative value expressed as a percentage. 

(brown fused alumina suppliers south africa)That is to say, the brown aluminium oxide must have proper toughness to make the grinding tool have a certain grinding ability after the abrasive particles are bonded with the bonding agent; and when the surface of the abrasive tool contacting the workpiece becomes flat, the total The increased force causes the abrasive to break and fall off, exposing new black alumina particles or cutting edges, thereby restoring the grinding capacity that the abrasive should have.

When measured by the ball milling method, the force mode of the pink aluminium oxide particles is closer to that of the abrasive particles during grinding. The determination of toughness by the moulding method is to use abrasive grains with a certain size and specification and a predetermined quality in a compression mold to withstand a certain static pressure, and use the aluminium oxide abrasive grit mass percentage of the unbroken grains as the toughness value of the abrasive.

(brown fused alumina suppliers south africa)Therefore, the hardness values of brown aluminum oxide crystals in different crystal plane directions are different. The toughness of the abrasive is a comprehensive reflection of these properties. The shape of the abrasive grains depends on the crystal structure of the abrasive itself and the method of granulating. The abrasive particle shape refers to the ratio between the length, width, showing a certain self-sharpness, and height of the aluminium oxide blasting particles.

The abrasive with a certain quality and black synthetic corundum particle size specifications is transferred to a specified total number of revolutions in a ball mill with a certain speed (with a certain size and quality of steel balls). The ratio is taken as the toughness value of the abrasive. During the fused aluminum oxide grinding process, the abrasive wear is closely related to the hardness, thermal shock resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance, compression resistance and abrasion resistance.

(brown fused alumina suppliers south africa)The ball milling method is used to measure the toughness. The brown fused alumina particle shape, size and microstructure of the abrasive are important factors affecting the toughness of the abrasive. For example, the toughness of single crystal abrasive particles is higher than that of aggregates. The effect of abrasive grain size on toughness values is shown in Table 1-8. The effect of the aluminium oxide blasting grit shape of the abrasive particles on its toughness is also very obvious.

Rhenium is generally classified into four different shape types: Different crushing equipment is used for granulation, and the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit shape of the crushed abrasive particles is different. It is generally believed that crushing equipment such as self-mills and ball mills can produce more equal-shaped particles, and artificial corundum particles produced by equipment such as roller mills and jaw crushers contain more flaky and sword-shaped particles.(brown fused alumina suppliers south africa)

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