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Brown Fused Alumina Wholesale Suppliers In USA

Brown corundum is very useful. Why do you say so? It is characterized by high hardness, toughness, sharp grain, strong grinding force, high temperature resistance and high efficiency. It is a high-quality abrasive tool material and high-grade corundum white refractory material. Aluminum workpiece descaling, surface strengthening, polishing effect copper workpiece descaling matte effect.

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brown fused alumina has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient, which is verified by the production enterprise practice. The product has the characteristics of non initiation, non pulverization and non cracking in the application process, making it the best aggregate and filler for green silicon carbide refractories.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers in usa)

In the past 60 years, the production and management of China's black corundum has grown gradually with the reform of the national economic and political system, and the emergence of brown corundum will also promote the development of abrasive tool industry. Fill and scrape with make-up glue, and make up for rubber flow collapse of dike. It can also be used in airstrip and is the best aluminum oxide abrasive material for airstrip. 

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers in usa)brown aluminum oxide is characterized by small crystal size and impact resistance. Because it is processed and broken by autogenous grinding machine, the particles are mostly spherical particles, with high purity, dense texture, large bulk density, strong self sharpening, good toughness and low magnetic content. The grinding tool made of black silicon carbide has sharp grinding, low heating rate, high grinding ratio, and less adhesion during use.

The sintered grinding tool made of pink corundum has the advantages of post firing It has the characteristics of dark blue color, no network crack and no rust spot. The sand is made of grinding materials by careful hydraulic screening, mechanical processing, screening and grading, synthetic corundum which are mainly used for grinding glass products, industrial derusting and water cutting, etc.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers in usa)

It can improve the surface finish of brown aluminium oxide wafer, precision instrument, glassware, ceramic stone, leather and metal parts. It can be sand blasted and cut. It is a necessary raw material for aluminum oxide grit manufacturing grinding wheel, emery cloth and sand. It can be used as a good wear-resistant material for building highway pavement, aircraft runway, wear-resistant rubber, etc.

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers in usa)It is suitable for silicon carbide abrasive manufacturing ceramics, resin high consolidation abrasive tools, grinding, polishing, etc. Glass products are suitable for sandblasting and spraying various patterns and characters on the surface of glass, metal, ceramics, etc., so that the processed parts can form three-dimensional patterns, emery abrasive such as coloring and painting pigments. In addition, in fact, it can also be used to make up glue with adhesive and color powder.

Preparation of make-up glue: epoxy resin paste 100% (601 or 634); ethylenediamine 8% - 10%; and white alumina appropriate color powder, with appropriate lithopone, talcum powder and other supplementary materials. Make up operation: clean up the brown fused alumina factory make up area to make it clean, dry and dry. Then it solidifies. It is usually 2-4 hours per day (8-10 hours in winter due to low temperature) before it is leveled.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers in usa)

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Brown Fused Alumina And White Fused Alumina MOQ: 1 Ton! 19 Years Manufacturing Exprience, 35,000m² Workshop Area, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery!

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