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Brown Fused Alumina Wholesale Suppliers Netherlands

It can manufacture high-speed, high-quality brown fused alumina grinding wheels, heavy-duty, cut-off and various special requirements. The classification of the grinding wheel organization is based on a 62% abrasive particle volume percentage of "0". For every 2% reduction in aluminum oxide abrasive particle volume, the organization increases by one, and so on, and there are 15 numbers in total.

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There are a certain range of shapes and brown aluminum oxide sizes of grinding wheels that can be used with each type of grinding machine. Generally, when rough grinding and grinding of soft metals, and a loose-structured grinding wheel should be used. When molding and precision grinding, in order to maintain the geometry of the aluminum oxide grit grinding wheel and obtain better roughness, a more compact structure should be used.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers netherlands)

Grinding wheels; when grinding machine guide rails and hard alloy tools, in order to reduce thermal deformation of the brown aluminium oxide workpiece and avoid burn cracks, loose-structured grinding wheels should be used; grinding materials with high heat sensitivity, non-ferrous metals, and non-metallic synthetic corundum materials should be larger than 12 # Grinding wheel. Microstructure refers to the percentage of abrasive volume in the grinding wheel. 

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers netherlands)The larger the number, the looser the organization. Commonly used white alumina grinding wheel shapes include flat grinding wheel (P), single-sided concave grinding wheel (PDA), double-sided concave grinding wheel (PSA), thin-plate aluminum oxide sandblasting media grinding wheel (PB), cylindrical grinding wheel (N), bowl-shaped grinding wheel (BW), dish-shaped No. 1 Grinding wheel (D1) and so on.  Synthetic diamond (JR) is widely used. 

When possible, the outer diameter of the black corundum grinding wheel should be selected as large as possible to increase the linear speed of the grinding wheel, to obtain higher productivity and surface quality of the workpiece, but they are expensive, the grinding wheel is easy to be blocked, higher productivity, and the same effect can be obtained by increasing the width of the emery abrasive grinding wheel. There are four commonly used binders. 

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers netherlands)Writing order of current national standard grinding wheels: pink corundum grinding wheel code, size (outer diameter × thickness × hole diameter), abrasive grain, particle size, hardness, organization, bonding agent, maximum working linear speed. Ceramic bonded diamond wheels are mainly used for the grinding of various non-metallic hard and brittle materials, it is divided into various corundum sand models, hard alloys and super hard materials.

Diamond wheels have sharper edges, less wear, longer life, and better processing quality than those made of boron carbide, silicon carbide abrasive, corundum and other general abrasive particles, so they are suitable for precision grinding of hard alloys and ceramics. , Semiconductor, and other high-hardness brittle and difficult to process black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit materials. Only resin-bonded diamond wheels have the "hardness" characteristic.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers netherlands)

The characteristics of diamond grinding wheel include the type of green silicon carbide, particle size, hardness, concentration, bonding agent, shape and size of the grinding wheel. According to its crystal shape and particle strength, and the model is selected according to its specific purpose. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the three aspects of black synthetic corundum workpiece roughness, grinding productivity and diamond consumption.

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers netherlands)Binders: Their binding ability and black silicon carbide abrasion resistance are gradually increased in order of resin, ceramics, bronze, and electroplated metal. Resin bond diamond grinding wheel has high grinding efficiency, good roughness of the workpiece being processed, wide application range, good self-sharpness, not easy to block, small heat generation, easy dressing, and is mainly used in the pink aluminium oxide fine grinding process.

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