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Brown Fused Alumina Wholesale Suppliers Poland

Corundum refractory products, especially special corundum refractory products, i.e. high temperature ceramics, steel grid are produced not only in refractory industry, but also in building materials, electronics, chemical industry, machinery and other industries. The developed countries seek for high-purity raw materials, among which high-purity arc fused alumina raw materials are one of the key products.

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The technical progress of brown fused alumina refractories is closely related to the production and technological development of high temperature industries such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and environmental protection. The technical progress of refractories supports the development of various high temperature industries, and the development of these green carborundum industries puts forward new requirements and challenges to refractories.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers poland)

At present, the brown aluminum oxide refractory industry is affected by the economic globalization competition, which requires more and more products with high efficiency and low cost. Therefore, ZrO2 can be added to corundum instead of SiO2, such as slide plate for steel casting. The composite material is composed of two or more phases with different coefficient of linear expansion. Therefore, fused alumina composite refractories have become one of the development directions.

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers poland)The superiority of brown aluminium oxide refractories becomes more and more important. At the same time, corundum composite refractories have attracted more and more attention, and have been developed rapidly. As we all know, corundum has the advantages of high temperature resistance and chemical stability. However, its linear expansion coefficient is large (8.1 × 10 / k), elastic modulus is large, silicon carbide companies and its thermal shock resistance is poor.

It is composed of white alumina proper proportion, and has better thermal shock resistance than any single phase material. For example, the corundum mullite products have better thermal shock resistance than the products composed of single mullite crystal phase or single corundum crystal phase. However, the high content of SiO2 in mullite often makes the corrosion resistance of glass beads supplier refractories worse, especially for high manganese steel and high oxygen steel.

(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers poland)One of the reasons for the black corundum modification of composite materials is the toughening of dispersed second phase particles, the second is the mismatch of linear expansion coefficient and elastic modulus between different phases, which results in a large number of microcracks, resulting in the decrease of stress when the black oxide aluminum materials are heated. Corundum refractories belong to high quality and high efficiency products.

What's more, the structure changes, the matrix forms a fibrous crystal system, interpenetrating in the pink corundum crystal frame structure, improving the shear resistance at high temperature, and improving the mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance of the products. Now, the glass bead blasting media suppliers bottom and hearth of blast furnace use Sialon bonded corundum brick, Si3N bonded corundum brick and cast steel slide plate.(brown fused alumina wholesale suppliers poland)

Both special corundum refractories, ordinary sintered corundum refractories, silicon carbide price and cast corundum products, light corundum refractories, and amorphous corundum refractories attach great importance to the development of polyphase materials, so as to increase the variety and expand the scope of use. An example is as follows: Iron and steel industry. The garnet suppliers lining and body of blast furnace sometimes use mullite bonded corundum brick.

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