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In order to meet the different performance requirements of various workpieces, the hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness can be adjusted by tempering(green carborundum). Molten fire is to obtain the martensite structure, and then after the national fire, make the workpiece obtain good performance, so as to give full play to the potential of the material(180 grit aluminum oxide). Adjust the mechanical properties of the workpiece.

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After quenching, the workpiece has high hardness and high brittleness(black aluminum oxide). Improve the mechanical or chemical properties of certain special steels, such as improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and increasing the permanent magnetism of magnetic steel(silicon carbide companies). When melting and cooling, in addition to the reasonable selection of quenching medium, there must be a correct quenching method.(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive factory uk)

In production, tempering is often divided into low temperature tempering(white alumina), medium temperature tempering and high temperature tempering according to the requirements of the performance of the workpiece and the heating temperature. The heat treatment process that combines zinc fire and subsequent high temperature tempering is called quenching and tempering(pink alumina). Aging includes natural aging and artificial aging.

(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive factory uk)The purpose of quenching and tempering is to obtain tempered sorbite(brown fused alumina), so that the workpiece has good comprehensive mechanical properties, that is, it has high strength and good plasticity and toughness. Mainly used for processing machine structural parts that are subject to relatively large loads(30 grit aluminum oxide), such as machine tool spindles, automobile rear axle axles, powerful gears, etc. Stabilize the size of the workpiece.

Through the national fire, the metallographic structure can be stabilized to ensure that no deformation occurs in the future use process(pink aluminum oxide). Cold treatment is mainly used for precision parts made of high alloy steel. The purpose of aging is to eliminate internal stress to reduce the deformation of the workpiece during processing or use(arc fused alumina). Stable size, so that the workpiece maintains geometric accuracy during long-term use.(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive factory uk)

Commonly used melting methods include single-liquid quenching, double-liquid quenching(brown aluminum oxide), graded quenching, austempering, pre-cooling and local melting, etc. The workpiece is placed in room temperature or open air for a long time (from half a year to a year or for a long time) without any heating process, which is natural aging(glass beads supplier). In addition, improve the cutting performance of certain alloy steels.

(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive factory uk)The work piece is heated to low temperature (steel is heated to 100℃-150℃(silicon carbide price), cast iron is heated to 500℃~600℃), after a long time (usually 8~15h) heat preservation, the process of slowly cooling to room temperature is called artificial aging. Aging is mainly used for precision tools, measuring tools, molds, rolling bearings(fused alumina), and other mechanical parts that require high precision, high carbon steel and carburizing steel.

Parts such as gears and crankshafts that work under dynamic load and friction conditions require high hardness and high wear resistance on the surface(brown aluminium oxide), while the core must have sufficient plasticity and toughness. This needs to be solved by surface heat treatment. Normalizing is mainly used for low carbon steel(black oxide aluminum), medium carbon steel and low alloy steel, but not commonly used for high carbon steel and off-alloy steel.

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