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In the actual production of Du Electrolysis, the electrolyte contains other compounds(brown fused alumina). The electrolytic voltage drop of the electrolyte in the working volume electrolyzer accounts for about 30% of the paving voltage. Lower the tank voltage, save power, and reduce the power consumption of the shop(brown aluminum oxide sand). But as the resistance increases linearly, the content of the electrolyte has a certain impact on the system.

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The main reason is that to improve the conductivity of the electrolyte(brown aluminum oxide), you can increase the electrolytic fine insulation material (for every 10cm increase in the insulation material. Such as carbonization and so on. Therefore, in actual production(white fused alumina micro powder), the density of the electrolyte melt should be used as low as possible to prove that there is a large density difference between the fine liquid and the electrolyte.

(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive suppliers sa)The conductivity of the melt is the conductivity of the melt with a length of 1cm and a cross-sectional area of 1cm, also known as the specific conductance(brown aluminium oxide). The relationship between conductivity (X) and resistivity (p) is: when the conductivity of the electrolyte is high, the resistivity is small, and the conductivity is good(aluminium oxide suppliers). Obviously, the conductivity of pure Mopin stone increases with temperature.

The viscosity of pure cryolithite at the point of increase is 2.8×10Pa·s. In the case of offsetting the voltage of 0.08V(garnet abrasive price). The conductivity of aluminum industrial electrolyte is in the range of 2.13~2.235/cm, and the resistivity is between 0.47~0.452·cm. Its conductivity gradually increases, but it is the same as the density(aluminum oxide sandblast media). In actual production, high temperature cannot be used to increase the conductivity of the electrolyte.(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive suppliers sa)

The density of the electrolyte melt decreases with the increase of the AIF content in the melt(white alumina). Although the pure density is very large (the olefin point is 1.02g/em*), large volume ions such as AlOF are generated in the cryolite melt. This part of the resistance heat is the basis for maintaining the electrolyzer at the electrolysis temperature(white aluminum oxide sand), but the heat loss is also due to the high energy consumption of the electrolysis.

(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive suppliers sa)According to Huding, the electrolyte contains 0.6% carbon and the conductivity drops by about 10%(black corundum). Columned a set of data on the influence of overburden on the conductivity of industrial electrolytes. When the olive oil cells precipitate, the conductivity of the electrolyte will also decrease(white alumina grit). Because the insoluble Yuwei and part of Ah. in the precipitate enter the electrolyte, reducing the effective conductive carrier of the melt.

The conductivity of the electrolyte decreases by 0.15~0.275/em, so it is not suitable to agitate the sediment at the bottom of the tank during production(pink corundum). Also known as internal friction, the unit is P2·(Pa·sec) The greater the resistance to the relative movement of the particles in the melt, the greater the degree of the melt(abrasive blasting grit). The electrolyte needs to have a certain viscosity in the production of aluminum electrolysis.(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive suppliers sa)

With the increase of the concentration of zirconium oxide(green carborundum), the viscosity of the melt at the beginning increases compared with that of the seam; when the content reaches about 11%, the viscosity of the marriage body increases rapidly with the increase of the content. Viscosity is one of the important properties of electrolytic pulp(aluminium oxide for blasting). However, crystallinity is the resistance to relative movement of particles in a liquid.

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