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Another reason for the difficulty of B-grade sintering is that the content of Al2O3 is close to the composition of mullite(brown fused alumina), and the C-grade bauxite is easier to sinter because of the lower content of Al2O3 and less secondary mullite(the sintering temperature of Grade A is 1500 ℃)(green silicon carbide). The thermal expansion coefficient of corundum is larger than that of mullite, so the thermal stability of corundum decreases.

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When the content of Al2O3 is lower than 7%(brown aluminum oxide), mullite phase increases with the increase of Al2O3 content, and the thermal stability improves accordingly. Because TiO2 can strongly promote sintering, although the content of alumina in bauxite of Grade A or grade A is high, the sintering temperature is lower than that of grade B(corundum sand). The main mineral composition of calcined bauxite clinker is corundum and mullite, while that of grade B is 1500-1600 ℃.

(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)Due to the dehydration, polycrystalline transformation and recrystallization of hydrous alumina(brown aluminium oxide), as well as their different composition, different shrinkage occurs accordingly. The average thermal expansion coefficient is 13.5 × 10 * / C in the range of 20 ~ 1000 ℃, and the heat transfer coefficient is 3.35 ~ 4.18w / (m · K) in the range of 100 ~ 1000 ℃(black silicon carbide). If the content of Al2O3 is more than 7%, the stable phases are mullite and corundum.

Calcined bauxite clinker can be used as back layer refractory when used in investment casting(white alumina): bauxite containing more than 85% Al is calcined at 1400 ~ 1450 ℃ for crushing and washing to remove impurities such as Fe, and then it is divided into powder and sanding material according to particle size. Magnesium oxide belongs to this kind of oxide, so it has high melting point and high hardness(aluminum oxide abrasive). It is difficult to sinter hydrous alumina.(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)

At 1000 ℃, MgO is decomposed completely(black corundum), resulting in light burned MgO with loose texture and high chemical activity. Bauxite (or clinker) containing more than 85% and bound clay are mixed in a certain proportion (usually composed of mullite) to make brick, and then calcined at 1450 ~ 1500 ℃, then crushed, washed and screened to form powder and sand removal materials(aluminum oxide grit). It is necessary to react for pure hydrous alumina.

(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)Among the oxides formed by ionic bonds, the structure composed of the framework of positive ions is relatively stable, and the melting point is also high(pink corundum). Magnesium oxide has good electrical insulation and high vapor pressure. It is easy to volatilize when the temperature reaches 2300 ℃ in vacuum(synthetic corundum). Therefore, the application temperature of magnesium oxide is limited to below 2200 ℃ in oxidizing atmosphere and 1700 ℃ in reducing atmosphere.

Among them, diaspore is the largest, followed by boehmite and diaspore is the smallest(silicon carbide abrasive). The results show that the amount of secondary mullite increases with the increase of kaolinite content. At high temperature, magnesium oxide is easily reduced to magnesium by carbon(emery abrasive). In the air, the reduced metal magnesium reacts with oxygen in the air immediately to form a thick white smoke of magnesium oxide.(brown fused aluminium oxide manufacturers usa)

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