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There are some problems with the thermodynamic data of solid and liquid cryolite(green carborundum). Tiahom et al. and Rcden et al. conducted Raman light leakage studies on KF-AIF. This result is consistent with the traditional belief that the main substance in molten cryolite is AIF(black aluminium oxide). The two bands discovered by Brooker and colleagues at 556 cm and 622 cm correspond to the ion AIF corresponding to the residual man spectrum.

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The molten salt system only contains AIF ion groups(brown fused alumina). Ion count growth method can be used to determine the stable existence of AIF ion journals. The measurement of the FWHM of the AIF peak still shows that there are a lot of cationic effects, and the width gradually narrows from li to Cs(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The liquidus temperature can already be calculated, but these rarely yield new information about the NaF-AIF system.

(brown fused aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)Different cations Li, Na and K obviously affect the activity of the corresponding compound and the dissociation constant of its dissociation equilibrium(pink corundum). At higher temperatures, they selected Brien and Kelley's data and made temperature corrections, which will be studied in detail(white aluminum oxide blast media). It is believed that the molten salt mainly contains AF and AIF chloride-aluminum ion groups and a small amount of AMF ion groups.

However, after several hours of exposure, a wide band appeared near 500 cm(black corundum). Generally, the homogeneous spectrum finds bands at 557em and 623cm, but at about 515em, there is no band found in the NaF-AIF mixture like Cilbert and his collaborators. There are some differences between different data, but when considering the uncertainty of these data(white fused alumina manufacturer), they can be considered the same(except for the lithium system).(brown fused aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)

And emphasized that in the ionic system, it is very abnormal that five-coordinate aluminum atoms appear in AF(brown aluminum oxide). Brooker observed that when NaAIF is dissolved in MCl melt, there are only two symmetrical tensile vibrations in the range of 400-700em. Similar to the bands in solid compounds, spectroscopy studies believe that the molar ratio is about 41(white fused alumina price). The vibration band detected in the travel phase is considered AF.

(brown fused aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)This band is considered to be an oxide impurity dissolved in a quartz container(white alumina). Breoker and his collaborators pointed out that this banded curve should be resolved by a homogeneous spectrum, and the baseline of the homogeneous spectrum is naturally flat, because the intensity of the Rayleigh wave fluctuation is greatly suppressed(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), and the depolarization component and thermal background are eliminated.

This means that the best data is difficult to sort out, and there is no priority(brown aluminium oxide). At about 455°C, the transition from solid to liquid occurs, and there is no obvious change in the peak position, half-height width and relative strength. According to the report of Gillen and his collaborators, the NaF-AIF and KF-AIF systems for liquid cloth(white corundum manufacturers). AF is banded with low frequency system without obvious accompanying peaks.(brown fused aluminium oxide suppliers switzerland)

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