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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory Germany

During the entire grinding process, brown fused alumina is used as an abrasive. In order to make the density distribution of brown corundum abrasives controllable, the abrasive will be made into pellets and bonded to many points on the grinding disc. During the entire abrasive grinding process, the brown corundum abrasive is discretely distributed on the grinding disc. 

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According to the distribution of the relative movement track density between workpieces and brown aluminum oxide, the abrasive density distribution on the abrasives can be more reasonably designed, and the overall wear of green silicon carbide is better than brown corundum, so that the wear of the abrasives during the grinding process will not affect the accuracy of the overall surface shape of the abrasives, then white corundum will look a little weak.

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory germany)At this time, the grinding speed cannot be too fast, so that the situation of brown aluminium oxide splashing can be avoided. In addition, during the grinding process, the abrasives have mutual effects. Force, and of course relative motion, will cause cutting effects between the abrasives. Because our black silicon carbide, its main chemical composition is AL2O3, its content is 94.5% -97%, and it also contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti, etc.

Rhenium is therefore conductive. Here we say one more thing. In fact, all minerals and white alumina sands have ordinary conductivity, because minerals contain metal components. If it is in a wet state, the conductivity will be enhanced and the resistance will be reduced. Therefore, our aluminum oxide abrasive is conductive. If it is wet, its conductivity will be enhanced. The abrasives of the coated abrasives are produced by sandpaper, gauze and other manufacturers.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory germany)

Functional fillers are mainly used in automobile brake parts, special tires, and special construction black corundum products. They can be used to build highway pavements, aircraft runways, and docks. Parking lot, industrial floor, sports ground and other wear-resistant materials. The hardness of brown alumina is slightly lower than that of aluminum oxide grit. But brown corundum has high toughness, and it can withstand huge pressure.

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory germany)However, for pink corundum, its hardness will be slightly higher than that of brown corundum, but if we use the flexibility to measure brown corundum and white corundum. But synthetic corundum has good self-sharpening performance, so it can be said that white corundum is mainly used for precision grinding or semi-finishing of various alloy steels and cutting tools. Thereby avoiding the trouble of dressing the grinding tool.

Because silicon carbide abrasive has very strong anti-breaking ability, brown corundum is widely used on grinding wheels. The price of white alumina is slightly higher than that of brown alumina. emery abrasive is characterized by a relatively low Al2O3 content and the presence of a certain amount of Fe2O3, so it has the characteristics of moderate hard bottom, high toughness, high temperature resistance, and stable thermal function.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory germany)

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