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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory In China

At first, the production of brown fused alumina in China was carried out in a fixed furnace. Whether it was in a fixed furnace or in a dump furnace, the production process was basically similar. It was made of bauxite as the main brown aluminum oxide 250 grit raw material and other auxiliary materials in a submerged arc furnace through high temperature melting and a series of physical and chemical reactions.

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It was a brown aluminum oxide product with high energy consumption, and its energy consumption cost was relatively high It accounts for about 1 / 2-2 / 3 of the production cost. Therefore, the quality of bauxite determines the energy consumption. Before the 1980s, the alumina content of bauxite used in the production of green silicon carbide was about 80%, and the alumina silica ratio was 20:1.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory in china)

When using this high-quality bauxite to produce brown aluminium oxide, the unit power consumption of the fixed furnace was about 2600kwh, and that of the dumping furnace was about 2500kwh. At present, bauxite with Al2O3 content up to 85% in China is in short supply, or exhausted. In addition, the price of power and raw materials keeps rising, which makes the aluminum oxide abrasive production cost run at a high level for a long time. 

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory in china)When the content of SiO2 in bauxite increases by 2%, the unit white alumina power consumption can increase by 8% - 16%. Therefore, at present, the power consumption of each black silicon carbide production enterprise is high and low. The unit power consumption of the fixed furnace is about 2800kwh, and the unit power consumption of the dumping furnace is about 2700kwh, some of emery abrasive which are even higher. Desilication is a complex chemical process. 

The black corundum production cost pressure of the enterprise is very high, which also brings huge difficulties to energy conservation and emission reduction. After treatment, the cost of bauxite (at the current constant price) will increase by 15% - 25%, but the unit energy consumption of the production of aluminum oxide grit with the treated bauxite will be greatly reduced.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory in china)

After desilication, bauxite reduces the SiO2 content to less than 2%. The amount of reducing agent and clarifier added in the smelting of pink corundum with desilicated bauxite is greatly reduced. It can be predicted that the economic benefit of producing synthetic corundum with desilicated bauxite is far greater than that without desilication. If additives are added properly, an additive suitable for the smelting of white aluminum oxide abrasive can be found. 

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory in china)Its purpose is two: first, adding additives can accelerate the melting speed of materials when smelting silicon carbide abrasive, which is exactly the flux. Because of the acceleration of melting speed, the smelting time of the original 8 hours or so can be shortened to 6-7 hours, so that the smelting time is reduced, the white fused aluminium oxide production cycle is accelerated, the production capacity is increased, and the unit energy consumption is reduced.

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