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From the above site, the degree of brown aluminium oxide hardening can be judged. General abrasive tools: door opening temperature <140 ℃, baking temperature <100 ℃; fine-grained, high hardness abrasive tools and thin-plate grinding wheels; door opening temperature <120 ℃, baking temperature <80 ℃. Generally, it is better to cool out to room temperature and take out of the white fused aluminum oxide oven.

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There are many methods to check the complete hardening of the corundum white part, such as color judgment method, solvent action method, and refractive index measurement method. If the product is not completely hardened, it will swell and deform under the action of the solvent, and the strength and hardness will decrease. Dissolved into a loose material, buy brown fused alumina as the resin dissolves in the solvent, it turns yellow to pale yellow.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory indonesia)

There are currently two methods used in China to check the degree of hardening of the white fused alumina oxide mfg product: the solvent action method. This method is to immerse the product (or take a part) in the solvent of the resin (such as acetone, alcohol, sugar alcohol, etc.), and let It is immersed in a solvent for a certain period of time, usually about 24 hours. Take out the resistance of the white aluminum oxide blast media product to the solvent to determine the degree of hardening.

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory indonesia)The disadvantage of this method is that it often damages the white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit part and takes a long time. At the same time, it is impossible to judge over-hardening, so it has little value in production inspection. This method is very simple and is completely judged based on the appearance of the product: the color of the hardened phenolic resin product is light brown or dark brown. There are two methods of pressing: brown fused aluminum oxide factory cold pressing and hot pressing.

The appearance is not hardened completely, silicon carbide abrasive are green, white corundum abrasives are light yellow or yellow, and brown corundum abrasives are light yellow-green. For abrasive tools with incomplete hardening, they can be reloaded into the furnace for flashback. Products with a too high hardening temperature or a long holding time (over-hardened) appear charred. Otherwise, the cold weather may easily cause the formation of the white aluminium oxide manufacturer wheel.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory indonesia)

Feeding and spreading: Since the money-shaped grinding wheel is reinforced with grid cloth, it should be fed in according to the number of layers of the brown fused alumina grid cloth. The grid cloth is usually sandwiched in the middle (it can also be on the surface of the grinding wheel), and the feeding frequency is the number of grid cloth plus 1. For example: a grinding wheel with a thickness of 8mm plus 3 layers of grid cloth, the number of white aluminum oxide 220 grit feeding times is 4.

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory indonesia)Weigh the 1/4 brown aluminum oxide material of the single weight into the mold and spread it, add a layer of grid cloth, and then weigh the 1/4 material of the single weight into the mold, spread the second layer of material, add a layer of grid cloth, and so on. In the cold pressing method, the pressing speed should be slow, and the pressure holding time is required, especially the brown aluminum oxide 70 grit temperature in the cold pressing working room should be in the range of (25 ± 5) ° C.

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