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In recent years, it is very different, and it is different from that of diaspore, that is, the brown fused aluminium oxide former is much more active than the latter three. The conversion process of alumina hydrate is listed below. Therefore, the soda lime sintering method has been widely used. The advantages of this method are a wide range of ore grade requirements, brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers both high and low grades, low cost, and high recovery.

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The disadvantage is that the white fused alumina manufacturer investment is large and the construction speed is slow. Large enterprises use this method. Alkali is currently used almost exclusively in the industry to produce alumina. Impurities such as iron and titanium in ore and most of silicon become insoluble compounds. There are various brown aluminum oxide 250 grit processes such as the Bayer method, the sintering method, and the Bayer-sintering combined method.

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory poland)There are many methods to extract white fused alumina suppliers from bauxite or other aluminum-containing raw materials. There are roughly four types of alkali method, acid method, combined acid-base method and thermal method. When the oxidation method is used in the production of aluminum oxide, white fused aluminium oxide ore is treated with alkali (NaOH or Na2CO2, etc.), so that the aluminum oxide in the ore becomes sodium aluminate soluble in water.

Separate the insoluble residue (red mud is stained with iron oxide, so it is called red mud in the production of low density white alumina) and separate it from the solution after washing or discard it for comprehensive treatment. The pure sodium aluminate solution is decomposed to precipitate Al (OH) 3. The white aluminum oxide abrasive decomposition mother liquor is recycled and used to process another batch of aluminum ore. The process flow is shown in Figure 2-2.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory poland)

The Bayer process was a method of producing brown fused alumina invented by the Austrian chemist K.J. Bayer from 1889 to 1892. It is a method of directly treating aluminum ore with a circulating mother liquor containing a large amount of free NaOH to dissolve alumina therein, obtain a sodium aluminate solution, and add seed crystals to decompose Precipitation. After separation, wholesale brown fused alumina washing and calcination, alumina products can be obtained.

(brown fused aluminum oxide factory poland)Therefore, the "dissolution" of bauxite is one of the key processes of the brown aluminum oxide process. The sintering rule is to mix limestone (or lime) and soda (carbon denominator containing a large amount of NaCO) in aluminum ore to sinter the raw materials at high temperature to obtain clinker containing solid sodium aluminate, brown fused alumina oxide which is dissolved in water or dilute alkali solution Clinker gives sodium aluminate.

The brown aluminium oxide desiliconized pure sodium aluminate solution was subjected to a carbonation decomposition method (CO2 gas was passed into the solution), so that the Al2O3 in the solution became Al (OH) 3, which was precipitated. The carbon fraction mother solution was evaporated and 100 grit aluminum oxide white returned to the limestone preparation. Raw slurry. China's first alumina plant was produced by soda-lime sintering.(brown fused aluminum oxide factory poland)

Part of the mother liquor is returned for leaching bauxite after evaporation. The brown fused alumina manufacturer process has a relatively simple production process, low energy consumption, and good product quality. It can be used to process high-grade bauxite, and the product cost is also low. At present, 95% of the world's white fused alumina price is produced by the Bayer method, and a few use the sintering method and the combined method.

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