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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Belarus

The temperature of the furnace waist is high (1400 ~ 1600 ℃), and the high temperature radiation erosion is serious(brown aluminium oxide); the alkali erosion is also serious: the hot furnace gas containing dust rises, which has strong scouring effect on the furnace lining; the materials such as coke produce friction; the hot air causes the sharp change of temperature when passing through(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh).  Hearth and bottom: hearth is mainly used to burn coke and store slag iron.

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The lining brick of hearth (especially carbon brick) is mainly scoured and eroded by molten iron slag(white alumina). Therefore, the furnace waist is also a very vulnerable area, which directly affects the life of the blast furnace. Slag iron, the end product of ironmaking, is also gathered in the hearth and discharged periodically from the slag port and iron port(green carborundum). Generally, the design of big up and small down is also suitable for the needs of gas volume increase and slag iron volume reduction. 

Bosh: the bosh connects the hearth to the waist. In addition, the temperature of this part is higher(black corundum). The temperature of the lower charge is about 1600 ~ 1650 ℃, and the air flow temperature is also high, and a large number of intermediate slag (slag whose composition and temperature are constantly changing in the dropping process, which is called bosh slag in foreign countries) begin to drop(glass beads supplier). Tuyere area is the highest temperature area in blast furnace, generally above 1700 ~ 2000c.

Modern large and medium blast furnaces require a generation of 10 years (or even 15 years). In addition, the chemical action caused by alkali metal invasion(brown fused alumina), carbon deposition, top-down melt and bottom-up hot air flow are also intensified. Therefore, this part has always been the vulnerable area of blast furnace(silicon carbide companies). The hot air blown by tuyere first burns with coke to produce gas (i.e. the initial distribution of gas) for smelting reduction of blast furnace.

The bottom of the furnace is mainly used to protect the hearth and avoid slag iron leakage(pink corundum). However, the brick lining at the bottom of the furnace is mainly eroded and even damaged by molten iron. The hot metal intrusion can cause the refractory brick to float up(fused alumina), and the chemical erosion can cause the expansion of the kneeling layer of the refractory brick, thus causing serious damage to the refractory material at the bottom of the blast furnace.

Because the refractory brick lining of hearth and bottom is not easy to repair after erosion(brown aluminum oxide), its damage degree often determines the life of the first generation of blast furnace. This part requires refractories to have corrosion resistance, penetration resistance, alkali resistance and thermal conductivity. Taphole: as the blast furnace is becoming larger and larger, the number of tapholes is increasing every day(black oxide aluminum). The working conditions of taphole are quite harsh.

The taphole is not only affected by the erosion and friction of molten iron circulation, slag and alkali, but also by the thermal shock caused by the temperature change from taping to the end of taping(silicon carbide price), as well as the mechanical vibration damage when the taphole is opened or blocked. Blast furnace tap hole: the blast furnace tap hole is the passage through which high temperature molten iron or slag flows(arc fused alumina). Its lining is mainly eroded and infiltrated by molten iron, slag and trace elements.

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