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The spatial point group of 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media crystal is 3M, so the three crystal axis directions of the bottom surface, i.e. the X, y and u axes are parallel to the secondary axis direction and form 120 ° with each other, the unit length is a = 0.475nm, the Z axis direction is the l-sixth image rotation direction, also known as the c axis (vertical plane), and the unit length is L = 1.297nm. emery abrasive is an excellent material for infrared transmission.

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The figure shows the face index of the six cylinders and the six prism direction index (actually the face index of the brown fused alumina crystal face in the vertical edge direction). Potassium, silver, mercury, lead, fluorine, chlorine, copper, zinc, tin, phosphorus, brocade, sulfur, iodine, etc. can accelerate the growth rate of silicon carbide abrasive crystallization. The refractive index is related to the wavelength. The bond force of ionic bond is relatively strong and has high hardness.

Various additives have different degrees of influence on the crystallization of white alumina. Additives such as magnesium, nickel, diamond, tungsten, chromium, iron, saw, molybdenum, Jue and vanadium will greatly reduce the growth rate of corundum crystallization; thorium, sodium, button, silicon, calcium, error, manganese, museum, period, error, lithium, wrinkle, sodium and bismuth will also reduce the growth rate of synthetic corundum crystallization.

brown aluminum oxide crystal belongs to ionic crystal. The microhardness is 9. It can not be seen from the table that the molar heat capacity increases rapidly when the temperature is lower than 400 ℃ and slowly when the temperature is higher than 400 ℃. The anisotropy of thermal conductivity of single crystal corundum is not obvious. The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline green silicon carbide with true density of 3.97g/cm decreased sharply from 100 ℃ to 1800 ℃.

Under the action of external electric field, the displacement polarizability of electron and ion is small, so the black corundum dielectric constant of a-Al2O3 is small, the insulation resistance of ral2o3 is high, and the dielectric loss is small. The conductivity of single crystal corundum increases with the increase of temperature, which is 2.74 × 10 - * A-1 / cm at 565 ℃ and 1.96 × 10 - * A-1 / cm at 1230 ℃. aluminum oxide grit is a kind of excellent optical crystal material with good optical transmittance.

It has good transmission characteristics in the 0.2 ~ 5.5um band, as shown in the figure. The transmittance of brown aluminium oxide infrared band hardly changes with temperature. Corundum crystal belongs to negative uniaxial crystal, its optical index body is negative uniaxial rotation ellipsoid, its main section is an ellipse, its long axis is common optical index no = 1.769, its short axis is unusual black silicon carbide optical index n = 1.760, its main section is a circle, that is, n = No.

The emissivity of pink corundum is less than 0.02 when the wavelength is 2.6-3.7um and the temperature is 880 ℃. Corundum has strong radiation resistance. At 195 ℃, 60 minutes after irradiation with y-ray of 10 ~ C / h, there was no visible coloring. After 10 ~ 7C irradiation, the transmittance above 2.5um has no change. When aluminum oxide abrasive is irradiated by 10 protons / cm2 full dose of protons, the transmittance below 300 nm has no change.

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