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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Germany

Spinning is the process of spinning natural cotton fiber into a certain length of thread by drawing and twisting(black aluminum oxide). It includes several processes such as opening, blending, blending, cleaning, carding, drawing, roving and spinning(180 grit aluminum oxide). Opening, blending, blending and cleaning are to mix different varieties of cotton according to the proportion, fully loosen and remove the impurities of the sharp chips, and make a uniform thick and thin cotton roll.

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Carding is the process of carding a cotton roll into a sliver for a lifetime(pink aluminum oxide). Its purpose is to pull the loose fiber bundle apart, straighten the fiber parallel, separate it into a single fiber, and further remove the residual impurities. Drawing is to combine the raw slivers (6-8 in general) with uneven thickness into a single sliver with uniform thickness and straight fiber arrangement(glass beads supplier). Twill fabrics include twill, gabardine, woji and khaki.

Roving is to draft and thin the cooked sliver and twist it properly to become a cotton roving with a certain fineness(silicon carbide price). It is a semi-finished product of yarn. This process is the final preparation for completing the spinning task. Starch, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) were used as the main size(silicon carbide companies). Organization is also an important mark to distinguish different varieties and specifications of cotton cloth.

Because cotton yarn is made up of many cotton fibers, and there are many hairiness on its surface(brown fused alumina). The warp or weft density of cotton is expressed by the number of yarns within 10 cm. Weaving is a process in which warp and weft are interwoven into cotton cloth by a loom(black oxide aluminum). For example, No. 28 yarn means that the weight of such yarn is 28g when it is 1km long. Cotton production process is divided into two major steps: spinning and weaving.

Spinning is to draft and twist the roving to produce various specifications of cotton yarn(brown aluminum oxide). The warp is the yarn along the fabric's longitudinal direction, and the weft is the yarn along the fabric's transverse direction. In order to meet the requirements of weaving, cotton yarn must be treated before weaving(fused alumina). Because warp and weft are subject to different mechanical actions, if such cotton yarn is used to weave, preparations are different.

Warp preparation includes four steps: winding, warping, sizing and threading(brown aluminium oxide). The tube yarn from the spinning process, each tube yarn about 1000 meters long, can not meet the needs of weaving. Winding is to connect the tube yarn into a certain length of bobbin yarn(green carborundum). Warping is to combine many single bobbin yarns with a certain number of yarns to form evenly arranged yarn sheets, which are wound on the warp shaft.

For example, after being rubbed, the yarn will rise: under tension, the fiber and the fiber will slide off and break their ends(white aluminium oxide). Therefore, it is necessary to sizing one by one to make the hairiness adhere to the yarn's sliver and increase the smoothness of the yarn(arc fused alumina); And make the size penetrate into the inside of the yarn, strengthen the cohesive force between the fibers, so as to improve the strength of the yarn and reduce the breakage.

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