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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Malaysia

More importantly(arc fused alumina), the structure of abrasive belt grinder and abrasive belt polisher is simpler than that of abrasive wheel grinder and abrasive wheel polisher, with less power consumption, etc., so the cost of using coated abrasive tool is much lower than that of using consolidated abrasive tool(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit), so they are easy to block and burn workpieces, primer and compound.

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At present, the widest belt has reached 4200mm, that is to say, it can process a complete plate with a width of 4000mm(pink corundum). This is very accurate in grinding wheel. The grinding efficiency of coated abrasives (abrasive belt) is generally higher than that of grinding wheels, which is due to the equal height and directional arrangement of abrasives on the surface of coated abrasives(white aluminium oxide super fine), but the consolidated Abrasives can not do this at present.

The production cycle of coated abrasives is short(silicon carbide price), generally only equal to one percent of the grinding wheel; the utilization ratio of abrasives is higher than that of consolidated abrasives, and almost 100% of them participate in grinding: Theoretically, the width and length of coated abrasive tools are almost unlimited(fused alumina). More and more attention has been paid to Tu Fu's medical devices, which are widely used in industry.

Base rest treatment is divided into two categories: non water resistant treatment and water resistant treatment(brown fused alumina). The substrates for producing water resistant coated abrasives generally need to be treated with water resistant treatment, and some paper and steel paper substrates do not need to be treated(black oxide aluminum). It can also be divided into wide strips, which are connected into wide sand belts, and then divided into strips on the slitter.

Most of the substrates of Coated Abrasives need to be treated with non water resistant treatment(brown aluminum oxide). There are two kinds of abrasives: natural abrasives and artificial abrasives. Natural abrasives include natural Emery and garnet, while artificial abrasives include corundum and silicon carbide(green carborundum). The density of planting sand directly affects the efficiency of grinding. There are three kinds of binders: animal glue, synthetic resin and paint.

Particle size it represents the size of the abrasive particles(brown aluminium oxide). The density of sand planting is expressed by the covering rate of abrasives on the unit area of matrix, which can be divided into two categories: sparse type and dense type, and also into three categories: sparse type, medium type and dense type(glass beads supplier). It is equivalent to the structure of grinding wheel, so it can also be called the structure of coated abrasive tools.

Dense abrasive tools have many cutting edges and high grinding rate(white alumina). Most of them are dense sand planting tools, but they have few pores and small place to hold chips and coolant. And the sparse type abrasive tools have more advantages for these. The bond strength is the hardness of the abrasive wheel, the transportation loss of coated abrasives is less(silicon carbide companies). which is similar to the hardness of the abrasive wheel.

In order to obtain a good abrasive adhesion, the adhesive coating consists of three layers of adhesive one after the other: matrix treatment agent(black corundum). The main factors affecting the bond strength of abrasive tools are the type and amount of binder. The adhesive strength of resin is higher than that of animal glue, and paint is mainly used in the manufacture of water-resistant sandpaper(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). Large amount of binder and high bond strength.

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