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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Pakistan

For the carbon plant, this method basically does not change the original production process, and is quick and easy(green silicon carbide). Long-term maintenance is relatively clean, the furnace is more regular, and the cathode wires are evenly distributed, which reduces the power loss caused by the precipitation of the national furnace courtyard(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Thereby improving current efficiency and reducing power consumption.

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In order to solve the problem of uniform material on the bottom surface of the electrolysis, a specific formula is adopted to produce cold picks containing T(fused alumina). In order to ensure that the electrolytic grid system is automatically formed on the surface of the electrode carbon block, a uniform T-C composite gold layer with the same performance is formed(brown aluminum oxide suppliers). The roasting can be firmly combined.

(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers pakistan)The reason why the test tank achieves an ideal technical and economic profile is mainly due to the superiority of the special ball of the Ti-C composite layer(white alumina). This has played an important role in improving the efficiency of electricity and reducing the consumption of electrical lead. The special-shaped cathode has changed the traditional regular rectangular shape(garnet abrasive price). The material is still carbon material.

In 2006, the composite pole test on the 220kA drill electrolytic phase fine type achieved certain results(black silicon carbide). The test mainly evaluated several indicators: current efficiency, DC power consumption, protection energy pressure, the quality of the original capital and the content of Ti in the original copper(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The table shows that the special-shaped structure cathode was invented in 2009 and started to be promoted in China.(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers pakistan)

At present, more than a dozen enterprises are using this technology(black corundum), and many new related technologies have been produced, such as thinning processing new molds, electrolytic cotton melting Start-up technology and later management technology, etc., the special-shaped cathode has achieved good results after being used by many enterprises(white fused alumina for refractory). Improve the voltage running of the paper with continuous slow distance.

(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers pakistan)Practice has proved that the special-shaped rigid pole can play a positive role in all kinds of fine shapes(arc fused alumina), and provides an important technical support for the production of electrolytic low-energy support. On the other hand, the tail-dressing protects the pus to reduce the Dongping electric virtue(glass beads supplier), or the reduction of lead caused by the electromagnetic field of China, and reduces the re-dissolution loss of the group.

The fluctuation of the aluminum water in the aluminum reduction cell is reduced, and the influence of the magnetic field on the electrolysis fine operation is reduced(pink corundum). When the influence of the magnetic field on the passive degree of the energy fluid decreases, the effective pole pitch under the anode increases(brown fused alumina size sand). The picture shows the passive influence of molten aluminum on the effective lift. Improve the stability of the electrolyzer.

(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers pakistan)It can be seen that there is a large fluctuation in the liquid layer from the dry layer below the micro-A(black oxide aluminum), and the effective slow-distance phase sensation will be reduced; below the Yang orange outlet, due to the passively small spreading liquid, the distance will increase in several steps(white aluminium oxide grit). The special-shaped cathode is compared to the traditional rectangular shape. By changing the shape of the cathode.

The main reason for the improvement of current efficiency is that the T-C composite material has good wet performance for molten aluminum(silicon carbide abrasive), which makes the copper oxide sink bond non-conductive and adheres to the surface of the electrode, reducing the formation of both the furnace bottom and the crust(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The statistical results of the main assessment indicators of the test tank and the comparison tank.(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers pakistan)

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