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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Philippines

According to the analysis of single particle impact(black silicon carbide suppliers), with ordinary carbon steel as the target, there are four types of pits: cutting pits; furrow pits; lip pits; crush pits (concave pits). The probability of occurrence of various pits depends on the impact angle and the shape of abrasive particles(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The wear of particles is greater than that of round particles with high hardness.

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The hardness and crushability of the particles have an impact on the erosion rate, because the particles will cause secondary erosion after they are broken(fused aluminium oxide). When ordinary steel is used as the target, 350~400um olivine (Mohs hardness 6.5~7) is used as the abrasive grain. When the impact angle is 30°, the probability of furrow pits is the largest(brown fused alumina suppliers). When vertical erosion, press in Type pits account for the majority.

(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)When the particle size increases to a certain critical value, the wear rate of the material is almost unchanged or changes slowly(brown aluminium oxide). Compared with the round particles, the polygonal particles have an impact angle of 45 under the same conditions. The wear of the polygonal particles is 4 times larger than that of the round particles(aluminum oxide blast media). Erosion time Erosion wear has a long incubation period or incubation period.

The erosion weight loss of the material at the angle of attack is closely related to the angle of attack of the particles(white alumina). When the particle attack angle is 20°~30°, the erosion rate of typical plastic materials reaches the maximum value, while the maximum erosion rate of brittle materials appears at the angle of attack close to 90(white fused aluminum oxide). Type, shape and speed change. The speed threshold is related to particle size and material.(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)

The target material has a more complex impact on erosion and wear(brown fused alumina). In addition, the influence of material organization on erosion and wear cannot be ignored. The shape of the particles also has a great influence. The relationship between the angle of attack and the erosion rate is almost equal to that of incident particles(wholesale brown fused alumina). The wear caused by the formation and shedding of corrosion products is called corrosion wear.

(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)After abrasive particles impact the target surface, the surface is roughened and work hardened(black corundum). At this time, there is no material loss. After a period of damage accumulation, erosion gradually occurs. Wear. Velocity The velocity of the particle has a threshold value, below the threshold value(black silicon carbide factory), there is only an elastic collision between the particle and the target surface and no damage is observed, that is, no erosion occurs.

It may be that the oxide film formed at high temperature improves the erosion resistance of the material(brown aluminum oxide), or it may be that the temperature rises, the plasticity of the material increases, and the erosion resistance improves. In addition to its own properties, it is also closely related to the geometry, size, hardness, angle of attack, speed and temperature of the abrasive particles(black silicon carbide manufacturers), even the low-hardness polygons.

The first is the basic hardness of the metal itself(pink corundum), and the second is the hardness of work hardening, and the relationship between machining hardness and erosion wear is more prominent. In the friction process, the chemical or electrochemical reaction between the friction pair or the surface of the friction pair and the environmental medium forms corrosion products(brown fused alumina factory). This phenomenon is called the size effect.(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers philippines)

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