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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Poland

It is a mixture of concentrate powder(steel shot abrasive), flux (sometimes also binder and fuel), rolled into a green ball with a diameter of 8-15mm (larger for steelmaking) in the pelletizer, then dried, melted, consolidated and formed, to become a high-quality ferrous raw material with good metallurgical properties, to supply the needs of iron and steel smelting(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). The circular shaft furnace appeared in the early days.

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When discharging, the pellet of the same cross-section is discharged unevenly(glass bead abrasive). The disadvantages of foreign shaft furnaces are as follows: According to the analysis of lkab company in Sweden, its power consumption is up to 50KW · H / T. It has been proved by practice that pellet is another way to make fine grinding iron concentrate or other iron bearing powder(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). According to the section shape, there are two kinds of Shaft Furnaces: circular and rectangular. 

Now, except Sweden, there are several others, almost all of them are rectangular(pink corundum). Most of the burn through parts are vault, arch foot, burner, manhole and so on. Once burned through, the pressure drops sharply, and the ability of waste gas to penetrate the material column is affected, so the combustion chamber must be sealed(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The combustion chamber is damaged the most when the furnace is shut down.

The main reason for the high power consumption is the high material column(brown fused alumina). When the cold air passes through the baking belt upward, the air velocity in the material layer is high, the resistance is large, and the working pressure of the main fan is high, so the power consumption is large(240 grit aluminum oxide). Foreign shaft furnace pellet generally uses high calorific value fuel, heavy oil or natural gas, and is only limited to the loss of magnetite pellet closed.

In addition, the temperature of combustion chamber is high, and the whole masonry will be displaced due to thermal expansion(brown aluminum oxide). The uneven cutting speed, melting and consolidation, and pellet quality are affected. The shaft furnace in foreign countries is of bin type structure. the shaft furnace pellet uses blast furnace gas as fuel(garnet abrasive price), rather than foreign shaft furnaces using high calorific value fuel (heavy oil) or natural gas, coke oven gas.

It is discharging fast in the center of the discharge port, and the corresponding discharging is slow on both sides, which makes the pellet stay in the furnace for different time(brown aluminium oxide). In this way, the roasting and agglomeration are uneven, which affects the pellet quality. The combustion chamber is the main masonry of shaft furnace, which is generally built with clay brick or high aluminum brick. high power consumption(180 grit aluminum oxide).

In foreign countries, two moving tapes are generally used to distribute materials along the "B" line(white alumina). One 6.4m long and 2.44m wide shaft furnace is used for 140s at a time, and the distribution truck will travel 8 times along the width direction. If the furnace type and distribution period are extended(fine grit aluminum oxide), it is difficult to keep the uniform temperature distribution on the material surface, which is not conducive to operation and affects the quality of pellets.

The main characteristics of shaft furnaces in China are as follows: This is because the new furnace structure in China has improved the air permeability in the furnace(black corundum), increased the penetration capacity of combustion gas and cooling air, uniform air distribution, reasonable melting and firing system, and stable homogenization zone, which creates conditions for recrystallization and crystal growth and consolidation of pellets(glass beads manufacturers).

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