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X-ray diffraction analysis of the product confirmed that a large amount of hydrated garnet appeared in the reaction product in the CaO-added solution, while the sodalite content decreased significantly(brown aluminium oxide). Since a large amount of hydrated pomegranate consumes a considerable part of the SiO2 eluted from illite, and keeps the SiO2 concentration in the solution relatively low, CaO has the effect of promoting the dissolution of illite(arc fused alumina).

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Therefore, MgO can slow the dissolution of the supply of illite(white alumina). The effect of adding lime on the acceleration of illite reaction in the K2O-containing solution is greater than that without. The addition of MgO makes the illite reaction rate decrease. The larger the amount of addition, the larger the decrease(green carborundum). The hydrated sodium aluminosilicate precipitated from the sodium aluminate solution has a different composition and structure due to different formation conditions.

From the above research results(black corundum), it can be seen that if a suitable process is adopted to increase the K2O content in the solution, reduce the Na2SO concentration, and add a small amount of MgO while adding CaO, it will inhibit the dissolution reaction of illite and slow its reaction rate. Thereby reducing the scarring of the preheater heating(fused alumina). The initially precipitated sodium aluminosilicate will gradually become more stable.

The quartz in slang ore is not easily dissolved in the solution at low temperature, but also acts with the sodium aluminate solution at high temperature, which causes the loss of alkali and alumina(brown fused alumina). The melting curve of quartz in the temperature range of 110 ~ 240 ℃. Bauxite used in the test: Australian gibbsite type bauxite and Southeast Asia gibbsite type bauxite(black oxide aluminum). The dissolution rate of quartz is directly proportional to the amount of quartz present in the solution.

It can be considered that the dissolution rate of quartz in bauxite is proportional to the surface area of quartz(pink corundum). The fact that the dissolution rate of quartz increases with the increase of OH concentration and the surface area of quartz, and the apparent activation energy is 82.35kJ / mol(glass beads supplier), indicating that the reaction between quartz and the Bayer process solution is controlled by the chemical reaction between the quartz surface.

Its composition and structure are mainly affected by the Na2O concentration and temperature of the solution, and by the degree of washing, but less by the Al2O3 concentration(brown aluminum oxide). State diagram of Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system at 80 ° C (ignoring the solubility of SiO2). The relationship between the precipitated equilibrium solid phase and the concentration of Al2O3 and Na2O in the solution can be seen from the figure(silicon carbide companies).

Curve A1Az is the equilibrium solubility curve of Al2O3 in NaOH solution(silicon carbide price). The equilibrium solid phase between curve A1A2 and B1C1B2 is III, curve B; the equilibrium phase below CiC2 is IV, and the equilibrium solid phase within curve B2CiC2 is VI. According to the analysis of the crystal structure, phase III belongs to type A zeolite, and the composition is equivalent to Na2O · Al2O3 · 2.5SiO2. (2.25 ~ 4) H2(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Zeolites are a family of natural hydrated aluminosilicates.

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