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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Abrasive Taiwan

It is necessary to control the growth rate of diamond crystal strictly and keep the growth rate at a very low level(brown fused alumina). The suitable temperature field can control the growth rate, and the growth of large single crystal needs a long time, so it is very necessary to realize the long-term stability of the growth conditions in the cavity for the synthesis of gem diamond single crystal(black silicon carbide suppliers). The precipitate can be treated with perchloric acid after drying.

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The principle of extracting diamond from this mixture is that sodium carbonate is heated to about 500 ℃, which has certain oxidation effect on graphite(brown aluminum oxide). 70% ~ 80% of graphite can be roughly removed by this method. In the method, the mixture of sodium carbonate and diamond graphite treated by aqua regia was mixed evenly, poured into the Nickel Crucible, and then heated in an electric furnace(synthetic corundum). Perchloric acid is a strong oxidant, which can slowly oxidize all graphite after heating.

Therefore, in the method step, put the residue of the previous process into the container, pour perchloric acid into the container, add perchloric acid in two or three times, and then heat it slowly(brown aluminium oxide). As the reaction progressed, the color of the solution changed from white to green, then to brown, finally to brownish red hypochlorite(aluminum oxide grit). The main methods of synthesizing diamond by dynamic method are: explosion; discharge in liquid; direct transformation.

The pressure produced by the dynamic method is much higher than that of the static method, the former can reach millions or even tens of millions of atmospheric pressure(white alumina), while the static high-pressure method can only reach tens of thousands of atmospheric pressure due to the limitations of the materials and some conditions of high-pressure vessels (top hammers, pressure cylinders) and other mechanical devices(brown fused alumina grit), and the higher can reach 400000-500000 atmospheric pressure.

In principle, static high voltage can be controlled manually, which can reach tens to hundreds of hours at present(silicon carbide abrasive). For the large amplitude compression wave, the particle velocity of the gas is only higher, and the effect on the velocity of the large amplitude compression wave can not be ignored. At this time, the propagation speed of the large amplitude compression wave is no longer equal to the speed of sound(aluminum oxide abrasive). White smoke appeared at the beginning of the reaction.

Generally, it is only a few microseconds (one microsecond is one millionth of a second). The existence time of dynamic high voltage is much shorter than that of static high voltage(green silicon carbide). The dynamic high pressure is that the pressure and temperature exist at the same time and act on the substance, while the static high pressure is independent and controlled by two systems respectively(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Then dry and pick out the large pyrophyllite to carry out the next process.

Dynamic high pressure method generally does not need expensive cemented carbide and complex mechanical device(black silicon carbide). For the production of synthetic diamond, the dynamic method is more convenient and economical than the static method, but the particle size is very fine. When the pressure exceeds 100000 atmospheric pressure, the error is less than 3%. Compared with the static method, the dynamic method has the following characteristics(emery abrasive). The dynamic high pressure method is more accurate.

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